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Starting March 19, all RDOS facilities will be open to the public until further notice, including corporate and satellite offices, entertainment facilities and community halls.

"The chairman of the board, Karla Kozakevich, said in a press release.

The board voted to close all RDOS facilities on March 19, 2020. Regional District Council meetings will continue, It is only open to accredited media. In addition, the RDOS program has been cancelled in all rural areas, and residents are not required to participate in fire zones.

Business can be conducted by phone 250-492-0237 or email info@rdos.bc.ca

In addition, until further notice, all applications for plans and building permits must be filed at the main entrance of the RDOS office at Martin St. 101 in Penticton, or sent by email.

Available in the inbox after work Payments. Payments for other regional services will be accepted by cheque or electronically through available debit / credit cards.

"The regional region and its member municipalities are taking proactive measures to respond to COVID- 19 threats, and we are working closely with all our communities. Given the potential staff shortage, we are collectively developing plans to keep our core services up and running. Kozakevich said. "This includes staffing with appropriate basic services such as keeping water and wastewater treatment systems running, as well as public transportation and solid waste collection and treatment. All communications will be coordinated through the Emergency Communications Coordinator on our website and social media pages.

"The Canadian government and the British Columbia Department of Health continue to consider the overall risk of COVID-19 transmission in British Columbia. The community is low, but evidence suggests that the reach is expanding. RDOS attaches great importance to this matter, and as the situation develops, the board of directors is constantly updated. We will continue to work with provincial authorities and reiterate the importance of good hygiene practices to the public and our employees.

For more information, call 250-492-0237 or email info@rdos.bc.ca.

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