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Innovation and forward thinking are the keys to growth

Raptor products can be found on all types of industrial equipment in 175 countries (Photo by Jason Franson)

The origin stories of founders often have one in common Point, regardless of the industry-the garage is free office space. For Craig Hard, it's no different. He and his former partners established Raptor Mining Products Inc. in Edmonton, a design and manufacturing company specializing in high-quality industrial parts for mining, mining, power generation, and construction applications. The goal is to improve security by developing products and practices that are cost-effective for both customers and companies. In fifteen years, you will find Raptor products on all types of industrial equipment in more than 175 countries. "We are the world's largest producer of chrome and iron wearing parts, and our GET (ground-engaging tools) (tooth on the bucket) are the most suitable. That is, they are from the Caterpillar plant Shipped to almost every Caterpillar machine in the world. "

The world's largest equipment company has machines in almost every country. Caterpillar is the Harder brand from the beginning Do business with you-then they call. "We developed this intellectual property and applied for a patent, and it turned out that Cat became interested in it, which was very surprising to us!"

From there, the business began to grow. Harder's ingenuity in industrial design matches his ambitions. Even as the horizon changes, the goal is always growth. Over the next 10 years, Raptor management and employees developed and implemented new technologies, methods and services to design the best products for the highly specific needs of customers. In 2008, the company introduced its first automated application coverage service, a technology that allows operators to apply a compound called tungsten carbide, which is actually the hardest material on the planet, to internal products. This enables Raptor to make certain parts last longer, be more abrasion-resistant and harder to break, which adds value to customers.

To meet its more isolated customer needs, a Continuous Improvement Service and / or Distribution Center (CISC) / CIDC) model was created in 2010. "Obviously, we need to provide facilities in remote mining areas that need to be customized. Harder said that we adopted a" make to market, target to market "model, and a CISC name was created shortly thereafter. The first outside Alberta CISC opened in Barrie, Ontario in 2012, and subsequently opened the first CISC in Miami in 2013 to serve the Latin American market. It now has offices in Ontario, Florida, Utah, Peru, Chile and China.

Internally, Raptor also benefits from Harder's innovative workplace culture. He encourages longevity and loyalty through educational programs and employee activities. Harder prides himself on doing everything he can .Most of his travels are to meet employees around the world, who are often hired as soon as they graduate from college. ("We have a very diverse group of young people who are just about to turn 30 or are about to turn 30. I'm a bit like the old guy here. ") In order to build a community among international companies, Hard created a language-independent incentive." ROAR, The Robot Coverage Application Ranking System was created in 2013 to ensure that skilled robot coverage operators stick to it for the long term. This is the retention and incentive plan we use in all 7 operating organizations worldwide. "Men and women who have graduated to all levels will have tuxedo jackets and work clothes;

Although the facility is an industrial facility, it still has a little sense of security. RaptorFest is an annual company-wide annual event and is the highlight of this year. Learning activities include global management, customer meetings, family barbecues and more. Cultural development is important to Hard. He said, "This is not a job, but a profession." "Raptor Mining has a profound cultural heritage. What drives us forward is our GSD culture, which is the basis of our value proposition. GSD stands for" achieving goals ", but in your Before you get the GSD, you must have a goal setting discussion, and both. You can't have one. "

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