Raith Rovers insists that it is not feasible to continue the game after June 10 because he urged the Scottish Football Association and SPFL not to extend the season

Bill Clark, chairman of RAITH ROVERS, insists that the Fifers will no longer be able to play any games after June 10, because they only have 9 players on their books. The way forward for Scottish football in the coronavirus crisis, acknowledged that uncertainty is undermining any future planned efforts.

With the game suspended indefinitely, many clubs are full of doubts about how to solve the 2019/20 season activities-

UEFA also invited the domestic league in June Complete the game before the 30th.

Clark, The stubbornness of the contract terms means that extending the season is not a viable solution at all, and wants to see the season end prematurely-echoing the opinion of Rangers boss John McGlynn.

He said: "Nine of the players in our book will be after June 10-two of them are 16 years old.

" So if the Scottish England FA and SPFL are most likely to decide "We Will be playing later this season ", then we will not be able to form a team. It's that simple.

"I don't think it is feasible to make a similar transaction weekly or weekly.

" We will contact them and say "

" I hope we will not be told to extend Season and use fixtures. "

] Although each club is in a constant state of change, Raith Rovers is in a particularly difficult situation because they don't even know which game they will play next season. [19659002] Whether a decision should be made to end the season early and respect the player standings, Rangers will get the chance to advance to the championship.

If the election is declared invalid, they will stay in the first league.

Clark said that It is impossible to consider contract negotiations.

He continued: "I hope to have more certainty about what is happening in the English league now. In the next few days we need something and we need to be clear.

"Unless how long this continues, we cannot make any plans unless we know the progress of the league.

Adam: Rangers chairman Clark (Image: Raith Rovers FC)

" Raith Rovers is about to advance Championship or do we stay in League 1?

"For many players, the contract will be renewed in the summer, and the terms and conditions will be much better if we participate in the tournament." But we can't even talk to players right now.

"This puts them in an enviable position."

However, Clark revealed that he has sought to reduce the fear of employees by using WhatsApp.

Rice set up a fundraising page this week aimed at raising a donation of 25,000 pounds in response to an imminent shortage due to the absence of gate receipts, hospitality or business income.

But Clark added: "I put something in the WhatsApp group to tell players not to worry about the promotion of fundraising activities;

" These guys have their own concerns and they read about this News of the shortage and wondering about the situation. It is important to ensure that employees are assured and that communication is smooth.

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