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Genetec Inc. announced that its next generation mobile license plate recognition system is ready for immediate use. The new AutoVu SharpZ3 goes beyond traditional license plate recognition and brings new insights in vehicle analysis, situational awareness and accuracy.

The new version of SharpZ3 is well-suited to the needs of parking managers who use mobile ANPR as part of their law enforcement activities. It can help them track the types of vehicles (cars, vans, trucks, buses, motorcycles) in and around the parking lot and analyze A combination of vehicle types over time.

For law enforcement personnel using mobile ANPR to assist in investigations, SharpZ3 allows patrols to mark vehicles based on the type and color of the vehicle where the witness has not identified a license plate.

"The traditional ANPR system addresses traditional parking and legal enforcement challenges, such as finding vehicles of interest and parking violations," said Stephan Kaiser, general manager of Genetec AutoVu. "SharpZ3 addresses emerging issues that current technology cannot solve, helping customers gain new insights into their urban vehicle types and their use of streets and curbs."

AutoVu SharpZ3 is among the first global specialized automotive ANPRs The system uses Intel's latest machine learning and computer vision technology to gain new insights through innovative analytical methods. The AutoVu SharpZ3 system can not only improve the accuracy of license plate reading in harsh environments (such as bad weather, heavy traffic and fast speeds), but also can record other vehicle characteristics, such as vehicle type, color

AutoVu SharpZ3 uses the first Three optical sensors are designed to accurately capture multiple printing plate designs in complex urban environments and in real time without taking up a lot of bandwidth. These include flat, embossed, reflective and non-reflective license plates. Additional sensors will also allow vehicle data to be more accurately located on the map to provide more accurate occupancy data than before.

With its modular design, SharpZ3 gives users the flexibility to add new features over time.

In future releases, the machine learning capabilities of AutoVu SharpZ3 will enable many new potential applications, such as enabling cities to use ANPR-equipped vehicles to solve other operational problems, including

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