President Donald Trump signs an order restricting immigration to the United States

US President Donald Trump said he will sign an executive order to limit immigration to the United States indefinitely while the country attempts to curb the spread of coronavirus. Trump tweeted the news late on Monday evening, but did not provide any details, such as the time affected or the nature of the influencer.

This is a new move by Trump and his government to control the US border in a pandemic. Trump imposed strict visa restrictions on China, Europe, Canada and Mexico to curb the spread of the virus. Last month, the State Council temporarily suspended the regular visa services of embassies and consulates.

In addition, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services has now suspended regular face-to-face programming, but still provides some emergency services. The president also said that the pandemic strengthened his intention to further restrict entry into the United States and even produce other commodities in his country. Combating illegal immigration and guaranteeing the establishment of a separation wall along the Mexican border were the focus of Trump's 2016 campaign.

The highest mortality rate in the United States

On Monday, the US Congress signed a $ 450 billion agreement to help small businesses and hospitals suffer from the coronavirus pandemic. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that negotiators had agreed to the "principles" of the plan.

This is because the Senate held a possible voting meeting on Tuesday. Thousands of Americans involved in their economic achievements will be protesting across the country for several days, with Pennsylvania and its capital Harrisburg becoming the focus of Monday.

Trump cheered at the demonstrations, although health officials warned that reopening was too fast. It may trigger a fatal recovery. The United States has the highest mortality rate, with more than 42,000 people. At present, it has been killed by a highly contagious virus. Facing the pressure of rebuilding the city and economy. In addition, many US governors emphasized that, with the assistance of the federal government, the first research on coronavirus has greatly increased. However, Trump insisted on proper supervision, and the federal government should do its job.

Trump was hit hard by his response to the crisis in seeking re-election. Since November, he has made a strong request to the World Health Organization as soon as possible to respond to the epidemic. In addition, cut back on US support for global health agencies. WHO President Tedros Adanom Gibriazos responded on Monday, saying that the agency is sending out a warning faithfully.

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