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by Russell Bruce

Boris ’star has nothing to do with his government capabilities. The fading stars burned out. Although he barely over-exploited his abilities when he was a part-time PM, this may just be the fate of Boris Johnson.

The donkey is in the news, so I dug out what looked like Boris. Is the Conservative Party really worried about Keir Starmer, or is it only useful to transfer from a friend of one of the British fake news red tops? Regarding donkey fields, there is a fair display on the government's green benches.

"The sense of sulfur"

According to "Observer", Andrew Rawnsley said: "Conservative MPs are increasingly critical of the government's performance." Then he continued to write Someone told me that a WhatsApp group used by 250 conservative lawmakers braved "a sense of sulfur" towards the cabinet. This is particularly interesting because it looks like they ca n’t all Coming from the same direction. Dissatisfied with Johnson ’s cabinet, in turn, dissatisfied with Johnson ’s cabinet. None of them received any advice on the lock-up policy and the “keep alert” message.

Twenty-two people, mainly in the English countryside Conservative MPs voted in favor of the amendments to the British food standards. At the same time, their Scottish colleagues usually played the role of Boris voting feed and were voted "required" regardless of their commitments and guarantees to peasant voters. Scottish farmers are facing the destruction of US trade agreements. The Scottish Conservative Party ’s “operations” require a lot of effort To seek forgiveness.

The United Kingdom and the United States reached a trade agreement, but it has no real impact on the terms. The United States is one of only two countries in the United Kingdom with a trade surplus. The United States will hope to change this imbalance, and This has always been the position of US negotiators, regardless of the government. Constantly overwhelming U.S. trade agreements have hampered their negotiating positions. They will face one of the most difficult negotiating teams after the EU, which will be a similar thing – You have made the agreement with the United States your top priority. You have signed it with Boris here for months and years.

Why British politics matters to Scotland

Boris Meteor is good news .Some people in Scotland just say that England is in chaos, but many people in England are our friends and relatives. We are out of pure humanity and should help them find a better way. No, we just want to avoid independence. Of course, Scotland ’s future is to reconnect with the EU as an independent country. Getting there involves a highly complex and subtle Political strategies can solve the problem of Westminster ’s failure to properly deal with the influenza pandemic and EU trade negotiations.

At the same time, we can cooperate with other exiled countries and angry leaders in major places in northern England. Annoyed that the school will reopen without any negotiation or plan.

In the politics of growing up, you know that you do not naturally support Scottish independence, so cooperate with others one by one. Coronavirus pandemic enemies Nicola Sturgeon shines and wins admirers and friends in places that were unlikely to appear before. Her openness and honesty have won many admirers in the UK and elsewhere.

More importantly She defeated the former voters in fighting for an independent agenda. They did not see leaders and government parties competent to deal with the crisis and found vacancies to fill the British government ’s lack of preparation for a pandemic – a major risk to the country. Procurement of PPE for the NHS and nursing industries in the UK should take time. Faced with the special needs worldwide and well-coordinated efficiency, this goal has been achieved.

Voting weekend

An opinion poll conducted by the Observer reported that the Johnson government ’s approval rating dropped by 9 points because people are confident that they will continue to deal with the coronavirus crisis. The observer graph shows that this trend has been in existence since the second week of April. The latest polls show that the plunge will undoubtedly exacerbate the disappointment of the Conservative WhatsApp team.

The Best for Britain conducted a poll in April to investigate whether the transition period should be extended. 66% believe that the government should concentrate on dealing with coronaviruses, and only 34% believe that the government will also be able to handle negotiations on EU trade agreements. Of the 66% who want the government to focus on the pandemic, 34% said that the transition period should be extended by up to 12 months, while 66% believe that the transition period should be extended during the duration of the pandemic crisis-75% in Scotland.

It is no surprise that the most suitable country for the United Kingdom did not solicit opinions from decentralized governments. Since 75% of Scots and 82% of SNP voters currently believe that dealing with coronavirus is the key issue, it is clear that the independence movement is not well developed. What is getting better is that Scotland ’s epidemic is treated differently than the Johnson administration ’s confusing situation.

In the "Best UK Survey" for the most recent weekend, 75% hoped to reach a trade agreement with the EU by the end of the year. Transitional period – 80% in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and 87% of SNP voters. At the same time, the Johnson administration began to walk down the ominous emotional music from Downing Street.

YouGov has published an analysis of their extensive poll conducted recently in the UK, and we have come to a summary table.

Table 1 The English content is an inspiration for the division of the entire United Kingdom and an opportunity to quietly prepare for the next independent referendum by competently responding to this virus that threatens our entire life. Regions and Scotland

Scotland leads all regions of England with the unclear information of the British government.

Table 2 is subdivided by voting method, but does not include SNP

. Only the Conservative Party expressed a clear message in support of the British government. The interesting characters are voters, who rarely think that the government's message is unclear. YouGov has not released data on SNP voters.

Table 3 Gender split

Women believe that the British government ’s information is not far behind that of men, and women ’s gender differences are interesting. Scottish opinion polls show that Nicola Sturgeon has gained support from women in recent years, thus adjusting the former dominance of male support.

Table 4 Breakdown by age group


Table 5 Classification by social rank

Although on the surface, there is not much difference, but in fact, young people are more inclined to think that the British government ’s information is not yet clear about the social rank It is interesting to think that the number of C2DEs is 5 points higher than that of ABC1 in the case that the British government ’s information is clear. This may reflect that the former Labour Party of England voted for the Conservative Party in last year ’s election.


summarizes the information subdivision opinions of the British government into 23 sub-sectors. Everything except 1 shows that most opinions are unclear from the British government. The only exception is the conservative voters, who have different views on the political, age, male, female and social rank identification across Scotland throughout England.

The response of conservative voters should be carefully studied, and the Johnson administration is concerned about it-as reported in "Sulfur Sense" as indicated in the ranks of Conservative MPs . In the last general election, the Conservative Party won 43.6% of the vote. Given that only 56% of Conservatives (Table 2) believe that the British government's message is clear, this indicates that the Conservative Party's support in the coming weeks may be vulnerable.

The Scottish conservative volte-face as prime minister, they nailed their skin to the vulgar mast in the name of the Union. The sulphur sensation in the agriculture and food industry has made people more and more suspicious of the Conservative Party ’s concern for the health and well-being of the people of Scotland.

Mrs. May struggled with the "reservation" and "leave" factions in her party for more than two years, trying to appease and fail both sides. Johnson ’s parties have differences, both to speed up economic opening and to adopt a more cautious attitude to ensure that the virus subsides. Johnson seems unable to complete a full week of work, and he will strive to maintain his party ’s support in the coming months. No political party is more willing to deal with failed leaders than the Conservative Party.

The most important thing in global governance is to protect our people from this virus and prevent or at least limit the occurrence of a second wave of shocks. Tell us that if the blockade is lifted prematurely, it will be even more deadly.

Behind the people of Scotland is the position taken by Nicola Sturgeon and his government. The second independent vote is a good sign at the right time.

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