Planning permission for the northernmost whisky distillery in Scotland

A new miniature Scotch whisky distillery will be opened in John O & # 39; Groats in 2021, making it the northernmost whisky distillery on the mainland.

After obtaining planning permission on March 2, the opening of the new winery was confirmed, covering an area of ​​32,670 square feet

due to its location close to the coastline of John O & # 39; Groats The microbrewery will be the northernmost whisky distillery in Scotland. The "offline" brewery will have the capacity to produce up to 60,000 liters of whiskey per year and will be the first Scotch whisky distillery for John O & # 39; Groats since 1837.

The brewery is a local husband and wife team Derek and Kerry Campbell and works to realize their vision, having received £ 198,000 in funding from Highlands and Islands Company (HIE) .

Located in the heart of the area, adjacent to the main parking lot, in an abandoned location. In addition to producing whiskey, this joint venture will also provide tourists with a new tourist attraction, and for tourists from the End of the World to John Ogrow The people here offer the opportunity to sample a small glass of scotch. It is estimated that six new jobs will be created in the first year, including master whiskey makers and visitor centre managers.

The new brewery and visitor center will include a large building designed to showcase two copper stills. The traditional whiskey making process, while admiring the marvelous landscape of the entire Puntland Fjord through large glass windows placed along the front of the building. A 1,500-square-foot dunnage warehouse will also be built on site to mature and store the spirit of the Highlands.

Image provided by husband and wife team Kerry and Derek Campbell

Founder Kerry Campbell said: "I have had a long-term interest in whisky. About 12 years ago, I started to really appreciate high-quality Scotch whiskey, and since then I have There is growing enthusiasm for Scottish national beverages. After talking to my husband many times about the idea of ​​building my own brewery and making my own whiskey, I am glad we are now close to achieving these plans Step and have obtained our plan permission for the ideal place in John O & # 39; Groats

"We believe that the whisky we will produce will be different from any other winery due to our location in John O Groz (John O & # 39; Groats), and as it matures, the local climate will have an impact on our spirit. We focus on the planned traditional method and have the ambition to show John O & G's whisky distillation technology to the world, so we look forward to opening the door for our micro distillation in due course.

"The support we have so far has been fantastic from the local community and business owners, and we can't wait to welcome them to our brewery in 2021."

Comment from Case of HIE Keith Muir Sutherland, head of business growth in Nice, said: "Tourism and catering are two key industries of Kesnes, and this project has both.

" In addition to producing new whiskey, it will also strengthen The number of tourists in the area, especially near 500 North Coast. All of this encourages tourists to stay longer in the area. We particularly welcome the improvement of the look and feel of the end of the road at John O & Groats to return long-term abandoned sites to productive use.

A 3D rendered new miniature Scotch whisky distillery will open in John O & # 39; Groats in 2021. The image provided is a 3D rendering of a 3D rendering of

. John O & # 39; Groats' Ocean View Hotel added: "The development of new breweries and visitor centres is really exciting for the area and is what John Ogrots is working on Another good example of development.

"Plans for factories and breweries in the area. This will also help increase your stay in John O & Groats, attract more visitors, increase employment and take advantage of currently undeveloped websites.

"We are getting closer and closer to achieving the goal of making John Oglot a world-class destination.

Work on the winery will begin in the summer of 2020 with the aim of opening tourists to the public in the summer of 2021. Center.

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