Pekingese speech surged in Ottawa

Peotics Insider October 16th: Cong Peiwu warned Canada not to provide asylum to Hong Kong activists, Mi'kmaw fishermen asked the Federal Reserve for help, sea otters avenged again

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It can be said that China has made an exception to Canada’s efforts to provide asylum to political dissidents from Hong Kong . Beijing’s Ottawa representative Cong Peiwu said at a press conference that recently two refugees from Chinese cities were " violent criminals " and constituted interference in China's internal affairs. "Cong seemed to at least hint at the threat. He said: "If Canada… really cares about the good health and safety of the 300,000 Canadian passport holders in Hong Kong and the large number of Canadian companies operating in Hong Kong, then you should support those Efforts to combat violent crime.

Will Cong threaten ? Globe reported on the ambassador that “any perceivable threat is an “explanation” from the questioner. Cong also repeatedly made long-term (also frank, unbelievable) denials, saying that the detentions of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor were related to Canada’s arrest of Meng Wanzhou, if the House of Commons officially condemned China for Muslims He threatened to make a "strong reaction" ] Uyghur minority. (If anyone needs to remind: China has locked hundreds of thousands of Chinese Muslims in so-called re-education camps, but the rest of the world considers this to be a shocking and widespread violation of human rights.) At the same time, worldwide It also investigated the impact of China-backed Confucius Institutes on the curriculum of the Lower Mainland School Board in British Columbia.

"Assault" on Mikoma: This is how the indigenous service minister Mark Miller described recent violence against indigenous fishermen in Nova Scotia (understand More information about the Micomo struggle). Miller called on the Cavalry to keep the peace. The Cavalry has been criticized for not arresting anyone because they did not arrest the facilities belonging to the Micomo fishermen and the burned van. Miller set a bet: "If we do it wrong," people will die. Mike Sack, the leader of the Sepek Nekatic First Nations called on Ottawa to do more. Sack said at the press conference: "They sat in the office as safely as possible and said, "We need to be safe there." Then put law enforcement down.

The federal government initiated a The National Design Competition in the capital of the country’s LGTBQ + monument will eventually be located on the banks of the Ottawa River behind the Canadian Library and Archives building. The total budget for the design and construction of the monument is set to " Not less than $ 4,825,000 ". One of the jury members is Michel Douglas who is an LGBT purge survivor who paid tribute to this monument and recently became a The headlines of the conflict between the Kilbergs.

Leslyn Lewis will officially bring her talents to southwestern Ontario she will be in the next election Raise the Conservative Party flag and prove to the locals her Hardimand-Norfolk style. Lewis (Lewis) comes from GTA but has a majority in the Hardymand-Norfolk Conservative Party Before supporting, she received support in the second vote until she was removed from the party’s leadership campaign.

American evangelicals still regarded Trump as one of their anointed One: With the gradual development of the White House competition, Adnan R.Khan is traveling in rural America to find answers to the many questions raised in a chaotic campaign. He is in Idaho State Moscow stopped to explore the missionary’s fanatical enthusiasm for the incumbent.

The love for Trump, especially in rural areas of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, was in A kind of cultural diversity seen at Trump’s rally . Understandably, many progressives like me fired him. But like Thomas, the American sociologist in the late 19th and early 20th centuries WI Thomas said, "If the consequences are real, they are real. "The consequences of Donald Trump's belief in religious rights are very real.

This morning, the Minister of Foreign Affairs François Philippe Champagne will introduce to reporters his European sway Pole. Champagne stopped in Greece, Austria, Belgium and Lithuania to discuss with the allies how to deal with the fraudulent presidential election in Belarus in the controversial Nagorno-Karabakh The area of ​​armed conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia and the eastern part the Mediterranean Sea .

Mea culpa: Yesterday’s newsletter told you that former Senator Don Meredith Resigned for a year. In fact, he resigned in 2017.

Now leaving for something completely different: Sea otters are back in British Columbia with worrying revenge He wrote: "Once we are on the verge of extinction, lovely creatures will re-emerge. "But not all residents view their comeback in a favorable light." "

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