Outside the United States, top scientists move debate away from politics

Athens, Greece (AP)-The public debate between President Donald Trump and his government ’s flu pandemic expert Dr. Anthony Fauci (Dr. Anthony Fauci) has never happened. The recent outbreak caused by the pace.

However, among American allies, many leaders are happy to step out of the spotlight, use the capabilities of experts to counter misleading information, and make appeals across political borders to bring the public to health restrictions.

"The pandemic provides a new dimension to the issue of trust," said Terry Flew, a professor of communications at Queensland University of Technology.

"Experts and politicians who understand this subject are willing to listen to their opinions, which becomes crucial. In most countries, this is happening. Hope this marks the restoration of confidence in experts." [19659002] The following are some other scientists who lead national public safety in the world.



The announcement of a fatal disaster is not the work that many people expect. Sotirios Tsiodras has done it about 50 times and introduced the progress of the pandemic to the Greeks through a live TV broadcast.

Tsiodras is a Harvard-trained scientist, a seven-year-old father who served as Cantor in an Orthodox church on a Sunday morning, and was a soft-spoken chief virologist at the Ministry of Health. In addition to the daily number of deaths, it also provides tips on how to maintain a healthy diet, instructions on how to better conduct large-scale testing in some countries, and warnings about the dangers of domestic abuse in long-term confinement.

It makes Tsiodras Greece the most popular person: a poll gave the 55-year-old professor of medicine and infectious diseases 94.5% approval. His appeal is helping to lock down law enforcement and keep infection rates low.



The Hong Kong-born Canadian chief public health officer provided direct camera recommendations in a series of government TV commercials and also hosted public briefings. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield and ice hockey star Hayley Wickenheiser both participated in public health advertising in her medical school's final year.

The 55-year-old Tam has maintained a high level of compliance in maintaining home orders. After Alberta Governor Jason Kenney criticized the speed of test method approval, politicians from various countries defended her.

Tam ’s popularity has recently inspired limited edition T-shirts, including portraits of scientists.


Spain: Fernando Simon

Spain has turned to experienced epidemiologist Fernando Simon (Fernando Simon) to lead the national response due to the high death toll and political environment.

57 years old, he was quickly favored at the daily press conference for his easy-going style. His preference for open-collar shirts and sweaters rather than dark suits quickly won him praise. Internet memes made his thick eyebrows interesting, and he was imitated in comedy shows. Spanish media reported that he stopped on the street due to his autograph.

But this folk practice was counterproductive among the more conservative classes in society, some of whom thought he was imprudent and took note of the statements he made in the early days of the pandemic. He seems to mitigate public risks.


Germany: Losa Willer

Director of the Robert Koch Institute of the German Federal Agency for Disease Control, is a professor of microbiology and epidemiology, and led a movement that caused Its rapid test launch and early application were praised by European colleagues. Introduce restrictions.

The 59-year-old professional scientist also helped the Germans get rid of the defense of strictly protected civil liberties and participated in a data sharing program that will help decision makers study epidemics and target resources. The program has been modified to address issues related to centralized data storage ___Sweden: ANDERS TEGNELL

The 64-year-old Tegnell is working with the World Health Organization ’s plan to fight against outbreaks of Ebola and other diseases. Now that he has become a leader among virology experts, he challenges the traditional view of how to contain this epidemic.

He led Sweden ’s public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is very different from other European countries and relies mainly on voluntary social evacuation rather than strict national blockade measures.

Turner ’s defender believes that his method has been misunderstood. It has the same goal of social isolation as other countries, but has adapted to the local medical conditions and legal system.

Alternative views in Sweden have not affected the popularity of Tegnell: the scientist wearing glasses recently appeared as a tattoo designer. Holohan is also regarded as a calm existence. Holohan appeared on a late-night popular talk show, explaining the need for lock-in measures and advocating a cautious approach to mitigate measures related to virus suppression milestones.

His solid style made Holohan very popular in Ireland. Irish cartoonist Niall O’Loughlin showed the image of Superman to the bald Holohan. He said he was overwhelmed by email requests for free printing. O'Loughlin wrote on Twitter: "I am still very strange, why so many people want to post pictures of Tony Holohan on the wall." "There is no offensive Tony (-:"]


Barry Hatton in Lisbon, Francis de Emilio in Rome and Menelaos Hadjicostis in Nicosia contributed .___

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