Ottawa Athletic team keeps in touch with fans as CPL season begins

announced on Friday that the Canadian Premier League will postpone the opening of its football season-which should have been the first game on April 11-Athletic Ottawa players are trying to divert attention from the COVID-19 pandemic .

Athletic team players who had returned earlier from training camp in Spain on Monday have been self-isolated, but this has not prevented them from calling people among 550 account holders who hold The first deposit tickets were made for the season. The Ottawa Athletic team is about to enter its first season of the CPL.

First of all, today ’s news: At the beginning of announcing the postponement of the regular season, CPL Commissioner David Clanachan said: "We made this decision in support of Canada Soccer ’s March 13 announcement ban in Canada Play all sanctioned football events and be banned from all public gatherings by our respective government and health officials.

"We will continue to work with all these authorities to decide when to start our 2020 season with health and government agencies (Including our governing body, Canada Soccer) has declared the season safe for the 2020 season. From a leadership and entertainment perspective, sports in our country have long been a point of unity in our country and will continue to do so.

"This is the appropriate response," Atletico Madrid strategic partner Jeff Hunt, Atletico Madrid). "No one knows how this will develop, so this is a prudent approach for the league and we will do our best stand by. "

As for Atletico, the team invited players (the team list has not been fully announced) to start production

" Don't be too philosophical, but we receive enough bad news every day, "Hunt said. "I always thought that sports represented a lot of things in society and sometimes a kind of distraction.

"I remember when Nathan Cirillo was shot in Ottawa in 2014, everyone's attention was focused on the Redblacks game. This was the first sports event after the shooting. I was then Interviews across the country about the importance of the game. The game gives us a sense of returning to normal. Listen, we will not change the situation around Ottawa or Canada, but it reminds us that we will return to normal. This is ours Things players do. Among other things, we're fighting boredom.

"The response from fans is incredible. They are happy to get rid of the fog of coronavirus and talk about the game and the state of the team. It's casual. This is not a call to action, there is no such thing as "Hey, can I get your credit card number?" The conversation between people is really interesting. It is safe to say that players like to answer these calls, and they like the people who answer them. Get a distracting welcome from the monotony of sitting in isolation. You can only tolerate too many Netflix or video games. It is important to remind people that this is about to pass, and that we are sitting on TD Plaza sometime this summer watching Ottawa Athletic football.

Despite a short training camp in Madrid, due to COVID-19 — Atletico Madrid has not announced the full list and promised to reveal more names in the next few days and weeks. The people on the known list are: Ben Fisk, Antoine Coupland, Malyk Hamilton, Ajay Khabra, Michel Jassandri Djaozandry), Ricky Gomes and Kunle Dade-Luke.

Athletic Ottawa has been in Spain for less than a week. Initially, the team was originally scheduled They stayed at the Atletico Madrid driving range until April 7. But they decided to leave while flights leaving Canada were still available. Once the players arrived in Ottawa, they would isolate themselves.

"I believe what we have The risks are small, but we treat ourselves the way we did in Spain and went to Ottawa last week. "We are very lucky because the biggest problem we have is the passage of time. They are in the house, separated from each other, and are practicing all agreements. When your team is unable to accomplish what the team usually does (athletes are used to the usual This is probably our biggest challenge, but fortunately, this is our biggest challenge. "


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