Osoyoos' tourism industry focuses on "rubber tires" for transportation and restoration work-Osoyoos Times

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Sophie Gray

Local News Initiative reporter

As new travel restrictions have been implemented, many local tourism businesses in Osoyoos are shifting their focus to "rubber tires" traffic by COVID The -19 pandemic was triggered, but the results change daily.

Kelley Glazer, Executive Director of Destination Osoyoos, said that with international travel restricted, the tourism industry hopes to market Osoyoos as safe for people in the Lower Mainland and Alberta by marketing Osoyoos While rebounding in tourist destinations.

"There are very different reports of impacts." Glazer notes that so far densely populated areas have been more affected by the virus. "These people who work in the marketing of Destination Osoyoos are developing recovery campaigns that are completely targeted at the domestic market and are specific to rubber tires."

Rubber tire tourism describes travel by car Tourists go to their destination instead of flying, Glaser said, which is a source of many tourism in Osoyoos. Glazer said About 70% of the tourism industry has always come from the Vancouver area, but she also believes that competition in the Greater Vancouver market will be more intense this year, as other British Columbia tourist destinations will also target the province's most populous city.

"The market that Osoyoos enjoys anyway is the domestic market. We don't have an important international market foundation here. Therefore, the challenge we face is that everyone else will target the same thing we have always pursued Personally, we will therefore become more agile and creative in ensuring how we maintain our market share, "Glazer said.

This is a noticeable change compared to Monday when Osoyoos Times approached Destination Osoyoos and some other tourism businesses in the area and they were all very active and saw a huge increase in bookings during the summer.

Daniel Bibby, executive director of Spirit Ridge Resort, said on Monday that this time last year, their bookings actually looked good.

"Interestingly, we saw some bookings increase and hope to be closer to home." Bibby said. "So they may plan to travel internationally at some point to an international destination, and now they will feel more comfortable living in Okanagan."

Both Bibby and Glazer said they are doing their best to stay ahead of the epidemic Although they are optimistic on Monday, the information is spreading rapidly and their methods may change at any time.

"There may be more confidence there (Monday) than in the past. There may be a closure of the US-Canada border today and a recently announced state of emergency." "So this is something that changes every day.

Currently, Destination Osoyoos aims to expand its position on the Lower Mainland market, and also hopes to find more phone numbers in the Alberta market. After the pandemic dies, the “recovery campaign” will begin. Currently, all local tourism companies All I can do is hope that my fellow Canadians will still be willing to enjoy what Osoyoos and the rest of South Okanagan have to offer.

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