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Brianna Stelkia brought her archery skills to the North American Aboriginal Games. Submitted photos.

Sophie Gray

Local News Initiative reporter

Archery is not the first choice of Brianna Stelkia as a child, but hopeful young Osoyoos Indian band archers still like it.

] "I was diagnosed with a knee disease, so I had to quit all running sports and all other sports I had done before," Stelkia said. "Because I live in a protected area, I find there is sports archery here, so I like it very much."

He is 14 years old and has detachable osteochondritis, which affects her bones. When her knee was diagnosed as eight years old, she was looking for another sport that she could engage in and was suitable for bows and arrows. As the teenager went to BC (BC to compete and just returned from the 2020 BC St. John Winter Olympics, where she ranked fourth among more than 40 athletes.

"That was an amazing time Experience. This is one of the most exciting things I've been to. Stelkia said.

She quickly set her sights on something bigger. The North American Aboriginal Games was held in Halifax this June, The athletes of the Osoyoos Indian band are making their way to international competitions.

To participate in the Aboriginal Games, contestants from bands across the province must submit a scorecard every week. Stelkia explained that the scorecard works on a scoring system and can be based on archers The results rank the archers. Each card consists of ten rounds, each archer shoots three arrows per round, and the total score is 300 points. The archer with the score card closest to 300 represents British Columbia. The 2020 Olympic Games Indigenous athlete.

Stelkia herself was from the Osoyoos Indian band and grew up in a protected area. She felt that her archery connected her with her ancestors because it was related to biography

"I really like it, and then I realized that it is close to our past work, this is what people used to cook," Stelkia said. "At that time I felt like I It should be continued because it is an amazing sport. "

She likes the feeling when shooting, describing how it makes her" feel really calm ", nice and relaxed. And she is not going to be very Quickly give it up.

"Since my first bow, I have liked it very much," she said. "I plan to hold on for a while and see how far I can go. My coach said that there is a chance Participate in the Olympics.

Brianna would like to thank many people for their success so far, including her extended family, friends, her coaches Ron and Mary Ostermeier, and all others like Osoyoos. Indian bands have continued to provide in her archery career Support and guidance. In the results of the North American Indigenous Games, pay close attention to her name and other athletes of the Osoyoos Indian band.

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