Opus full development: What does Biden's vote mean

The election of President Donald J. Trump was a rejection of Washington, DC’s ideas and agenda. The next presidential election is approaching, and this is a controversial election. The vote for Biden is not only a vote for the Democratic Party, but may also be a vote for the bureaucracy that was not elected.

The people took away the power of in the "Ring Road", American idioms are often used to describe the US federal government officials, their contractors and lobbyists, and the corporate media covering them. Say the vital things.

The interests of the people inside the ring road and the interests and priorities of ordinary Americans.

Although many people are still affected by Trump Disorder Syndrome ( TDS), it is still somewhat surprising that there are still advocates for Joe Biden and his proposed vice president Kamala Harris (Kamala Harris) President.

Biden-Harris failed to reach the White House nomination.

Even with the full attack of Goldberg, Cohen and Woodward, the media began to attack President Trump. Three conspiracy books, Mr. Trump, for the Democratic Party, the past two weeks could not have been worse. President Trump is unstoppable and it is getting harder and harder to find someone to stop him.

But the real problem is not Donald J. Trump, but Joe Biden.

What is worrying is that Biden and his team tried to conceal the fact that every time he appeared, he would use the phone prompter and even answer reporters' questions. Obviously, all questions and answers are prepared in advance, which is a trick.

In the old days, when the mainstream media had real reporters, they would ask questions about all presidential candidates. For anyone concerned, it is obvious that Biden only asked a few simple questions and prepared the answers in advance.

In the end, Biden was openly mentioned in a TV speech and provided the answer to the news media host. It is increasingly clear that Biden cannot answer the abandoned softball question at all. Looking at his open face, there is no doubt that the drugs he used can keep his mind intact to some extent, and then utter a burst of broken words.

] The puppet master behind Biden

This is not an attack on Biden or his health. This is an investigation into the ongoing game of the American people. This begs the question: who really came up with the answer? Who are the managers of Biden?

Let us imagine that the French President asked President Biden about possible joint efforts, and in fact Biden is not the source of his answers, then we have an unelected group or individual to manage Biden in the country Behind the curtains. This puppet show is a subversion of our governance system.

People need to ask, if Biden wins, do you plan to step down as President Biden in a week, a month, or immediately after the presidential election?

This is an unreasonable, unacceptable and so cynical move, it may destroy all beliefs, trust, and unity as a system. Anyone who supports this strategy is based on a simple argument that "Orange Man" is too bad, and the ultimate goal is to prove that the means are true dictators.

The most important is the Kamala Harris problem. She publicly announced her support for Black Living Affairs (BLM), admitting that it was a Marxist-trained movement, but it was a weird hoax. It is radically anti-American, anti-family nucleus and anti-Semitic.

Madam. Harris supports the Minneapolis Freedom Fund, which is used to fund dangerous criminals and protesters. This is a relief fund for the early rioters. Some of them are criminals who continue to commit other violent crimes after paying bail.

Given the vicious attacks on two California sheriffs, and the extreme anti-police rhetoric of BLM, Antifa and Democratic politicians, when will Democratic voters realize that their political candidates are inciting violence against all Americans, including them And their neighbors?

Most people, regardless of political affiliation, agree to be well thought out and clearly advocate police reform. But this is not what the BLM and Antifa pushed the Democrats to take.

 Harris Beeden Administration. What does it mean to vote Biden?
The Harris Biden administration

To show their true will, when two police officers were fighting for their lives, the mob blocked the entrance and exit of the hospital and shouted "We want them to die.

Do Democratic voters still recognize their party?

A large dictionary of left words

The late Richard Weaver (Richard Weaver) was an American scholar, mainly known as a knowledge historian, a political philosopher, a conservative and modern rhetoric authority in the 20th century. The book "Ideas have consequences". This book is a broad refutation of the early forms of liberalism and leftism, using "hard as a cannonball" to provide a rude diagnosis of modern diseases. The voice of this professor who teaches English at the University of Chicago is urgently needed.

The leftists cheaply used the words we used boldly. They called Law Enforcement -Trump’s Gastapo, paramilitary forces, commandos, pigs and street gangs. When you digest these words and get Kamala Harris's support for the Minneapolis Freedom Foundation, you have a reason to use violence against law enforcement officials, who are committed to maintaining the safety of all of us. For such a brave job.

Democratic Party Biden Harris Du two people about

Since Biden (Biden) was appointed as the vice president, Kamala Harris (Kamala Harris) quickly changed her view, Like a chameleon changed its color. She is a shocking person, very unsuitable for the position of vice president, a dangerous extremist, and is related to the most radical violent movement in modern American history. If anything, she should get off the car immediately and leave the Senate seat.

Due to the work of judicial supervision, it is reported that Robert Mueller's (1919004) team "accidentally" erased 27 [27459005]

Because the Attorney General Jeff Sessions withdrew by himself, Rod Rosenstein served as the attorney general of the campaign, so he appointed Mueller, the former director of the FBI, as special counsel to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) with the authority to conduct investigations. False claims about Mr. Trump’s collusion with Russia, which interfered with the 2016 U.S. election.

Although the Democratic Party believes that the American people are stupid, most people are not stupid at all and they are fair. They may make some mistakes and take some time to correct them, but they do have extraordinary common sense.

For all crooks and swamp surfers, this phenomenon of constantly "wiping clean phones" is absolute anger, which makes people feel angry. Trump continues to subvert the election, this is a concern for the rights and protection of all of us, the people,? If the FBI, CIA, and special prosecutors can act so illegally, our people might endanger our safety and lose our freedom.

Joe Biden did not speak on all this. If Biden pretends to be the spiritual acumen of a presidential candidate, where is his shame? Will he be so comfortable and willing to close his eyes and let the special advisers Mueller and Andrew Weissman, who served as management roles in the 2017 special advisers team led by Robert Mueller, to destroy the American public should know and Information to benefit from it?

The Democrats in the Senate just stopped passing a streamlined relief bill for the American people. The bill was rejected by Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Mark Warner, and Richard Blumenthal, providing eviction protection, more unemployment benefits, and other assistance to hurt Americans who desperately need it.

The Democrats did not allow the bill to pass in order to deny another political victory for Trump. They continue to take advantage of the crisis through extortion, aiming to fund their wishes. These extortions have nothing to do with the COVID-19 crisis. The Democratic Party only plays a political role in the lives of millions of Americans.

We must be clear that this is a naked Democratic Party without disguise. It does not care about the entire American people. They will never mention disadvantaged groups or ordinary people. Their only focus is power, and Americans are rag dolls.

Democratic racial betrayal

Back in the past two weeks, the situation is even worse for the Biden/Harris duo and their allies, who are now exposed. False on race issues. Former Representative Gabby Giffords ’s husband, Mark Kelly, was shot and almost killed in an assassination on January 8, 2011. He is the new star of the Arizona Democratic Party in the 2020 Senate election.

Kelly went into the hot water for the offensive joke he made in 2018. Moses Sanchez @桑切斯·摩西(SanchezMoses): "The shameful video of Mark Kelly making racist jokes to an all-white crowd. He must think that the man named Rodrigo looks Like a monkey. It’s time to get rid of this racism. It’s time for the media to censor Mark Kelly more thoroughly like the Republicans."

Neither Biden nor Harris condemned this shameless and rude exposure. This is what we call "Freud's suicide note" which reveals people's true thoughts. Don't worry about Kelly apologizing for being late after being exposed. He seems to be a stubborn person. Biden and Harris didn't care at all. Can Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Senator Corey Gardner of Colorado or Susan Collins of Susan Collins say something similar?

In the last two weeks of the terrible performance, Biden and Harris also failed to stand up for the two very successful, now embattled black police chiefs Carmen Best and Seattle Police The head of the department was the first black woman to lead the Seattle Police Force, and the Dallas Police Department Chief U. Reneé Hall was the first black woman to lead the Dallas Police Force. The two women stepped down after realizing that they could not resist the mob tribe as they expected. If Biden and Harris do not now support blacks in leadership positions, how will Democrats support black, indigenous and colored (BIPOC) communities when the Democratic Party is in power?

This heinous example of betrayal should give many people support for potential Biden voters belonging to the BIPOC community-even the Liberal Democrats-have come to a halt. But this may not be because they only focus on hating Trump.

Although the Biden-Harris vote seemed to have the lowest cohesion and most of its performance was doubtful, we witnessed the surprising discussion and signing of the Middle East peace treaty. We heard that President Trump was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize. But Biden did not expect to congratulate Trump or celebrate these foreign policy achievements, which is the most gratifying for American security.

Does Biden care about world peace? Even if he is the opposition, he is not enough politically to say "done well" Mr. President? What we can be sure of is that if Obama, Clinton, Biden or any other Democratic politicians have this track record, the media will be everywhere. But Biden's silence here is not surprising.

Joe Biden (Joe Biden) and Kamal Harris (Kamal Harris) are like weather vanes, constantly turning in the political wind. By completing a complete circle.

Actually, who is the vote for Biden really for? Do not oppose Trump, nor do you oppose etiquette, apple pie, puppies or ending the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Who manipulates Biden behind the scenes, creating his answers and short and unclear monologues? Who is speaking? Remember that thought does have consequences.

The commonality between Islam and the left is a metaphorical appeal.

Why did the radical left accept the totalitarian tendency of liberalism?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali escaped radical Islam and is an expert on these two topics. Islam and the Left – Explanation:

Radical Islam and the Left are "awakening" By". They only work on their own truths and do not debate. They are anti-traditional, and more importantly, they hate the United States.

The question that needs to be asked to anyone on the political left and center-right is about the 9/11 attacks on the United States. Nineteen years ago, radical Islamists tore down the Twin Towers of the New York City Trade Center. But consider that United Airlines Flight 93 was landed by its passengers. They knew they were going to die. However, as soon as they realized that the target of the hijacker was the White House, they acted immediately. Todd Beamer (Todd Beamer) passengers shouted "Go away", and then the passengers collectively caused the plane to crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Why did Biden vote?

Wait, for every American citizen, Democrat, Republican, liberal, Conservative party, today’s question is: even if we the people know that we are going to die, our republic will die, and our enemy , That is, the radical left will be wiped out among us. What is our people willing to do to stand up and defend our country? What does the White House symbolize?

This is why every American, including the Democratic Party, should be frightened in the upcoming 2020 election. With the polarization we are seeing now, what are we willing to defend in the last breath?

What Islamists and Walker left have in common is that they want to destroy the United States because it represents everything they hate. It represents the personal freedom of the people to live with dignity, universal human rights and economic prosperity;

Although it is not perfect, we American people have established an effective model, and they hate it!

19659002] Therefore, this is another ending of the case, which is a call for all Americans to get rid of Islamist arousalists. This is a vote for President Trump, so he can continue to serve and make America great.

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