Obama raised millions of dollars for Biden campaign

Former President Barack Obama warned Democrats not to feel “commemorated or complacent” about the presidential campaign at the grassroots fundraising campaign of the presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden, and called on the audience to learn about 2016 Lessons, not take elections for granted. 19659002] On Tuesday, referring to Obama’s “Great Awakening” among young Americans pushing for reform, Obama said: “Just because this energy is there, it does not mean that it ensures our victory, nor does it mean it It can be spread. Obama added: "

"There is a strong opposition to change. This is a strong opposition." The former president cited the differences between Americans, saying that President Trump "exploited" and [19659002] "We cannot be complacent or complacent, nor can we imply that the president is clearly not doing well, because it seems that he won once, which is not like what Obama said: "There is not a good way about how he operated last time. clue.

He begged the audience to participate in Biden’s presidential campaign. He declared that “so far, everything you have done is not enough.”

The fundraising event marked Obama’s official return to the presidential election. And emphasized his unparalleled popularity in the Democratic Party.

Biden, who fought side by side with Obama at this event, said it broke the record of $7.6 million ($11 million) from more than 175,000 individual donors

This is the beginning of the Obama team’s indication that it may fall into a busy schedule in the fall, because he hopes to help the election not only Biden, but the Democratic Party running for the Senate.

His comments show that the Democratic Party attaches great importance to them The possibility that the base of the country may become too comfortable this fall, and many state and nationwide surveys have shown that Biden’s national digits are usually double digit lea over Trump.

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