NRL will continue to use the single referee system when the game resumes after the corona virus breaks

The dispute between the NRL and the Referee Staff Association has been resolved, and the whistleblower agrees that the league will continue the action of a referee for the remainder of the season.

According to the deal, there are 22 full-time referees

Referee Association, professional football The League Match Officer (PRLMO), which has been planned to be adopted this year and next year, will adopt the "single referee system" and will be reviewed at the end of the year. After the Australian Rugby Union Commission decided to re-select a live referee, before the arbitration hearing conducted by the Fair Work Commission.

But the union has now reached an agreement that there will be only one official for the rest of the time, and there is no need to keep a weekly payment of $ 500 for part-time referees.

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The system will be reviewed by players and coach representatives at the end of the year.

ARL committee chairman Peter V & # 39; landys said that he will also introduce a six-point rule for free throws.

"This is an excellent result for the game and all its stakeholders. I can thank the various referees for how they performed in today's discussion." V & # 39; landys said Friday.

"The desire to see them is that there will be no obstacles in the competition held on May 28, which is really exciting

" The changes to the new rules will make our game faster and more interesting. The most important thing is that it will solve the biggest on-site problems, which are around the speed of the frame, and

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after the game executives and competition officials have counted After intense discussions on the day, this transaction marked a win-win for NRL.

The game with two referees is safer: the union

The referee league accused the National Rugby Union on Friday of ignoring the safety of players and angered the National Rugby Union, saying that the managers are “arrogant”, like “in the Chinese store” Cattle". Make changes.

"It's very simple. It is safer to have two referees in today's game." PRLMO said in a statement.

"In many cases, the second referee has discovered that injury is not a potential cause of the second referee.

The union declared that 80% of the penalty fees were discovered by the referee, who has been cancelled in the new model of NRL.

Mr. V & # 39; landys insisted that under his plan, there will be more qualified eyes on this game, and officials who were formerly pocket judges will now serve as referees.

Both they and the bunker License

Mr. V & # 39; landys said that eliminating the pocket referee will save nearly $ 2 million throughout the season.


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