North Carolina County suspends pistol permits as demand for guns tripled during pandemic

 Some Republican lawmakers in North Carolina screamed after suspension of a concealed pistol permit in Vic County.

News and Observers reported that the Vic County Sheriff’s Office has suspended the permit process as applications have tripled in recent days. According to the sheriff’s office, pistol permits have increased from 90 to 290 per day.

“This decision does not limit anyone’s right to buy a pistol.” Sheriff Gerald Baker announced Tuesday.

But at least two Republican lawmakers have called for the state to resume an “illegal” suspension of pistol licenses.


“State law requires sheriffs to approve or deny a pistol license within 14 days,” Republican Senators Warren Daniel and Danny · Danny Britt said in a statement. “Sheriff Baker must immediately revoke his illegal decision to stop selling pistols in Wake County.”

Although neither MP is from Wake County, they suggested that the state could force the sheriff to issue a pistol permit.

The statement said. ”

As News & Observer states, at least in the other two states (Pennsylvania and Colorado), counties illegally suspended their Second Amendment right when they needed to guarantee that they could trust the government It’s Luck’s. Some new pistol licenses have also been temporarily suspended.

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