No nationwide mail vote is election destruction.

The global pandemic revealed decades of efforts to manipulate and suppress voters, showing that the country is completely unprepared to respond to any serious challenges to its electoral system. There is no longer any excuse: each state must implement a postal vote in 2020, or be prepared to admit that it deliberately undermines its own elections. (This time, technology may be able to help.)

To illustrate the seriousness of this problem, one only needs to imagine what will happen if quarantine measures like this spring occur in the fall, and take into account expert predictions

If the blockade measures are strengthened and expanded not on May 3, but on November 3, how will the election proceed?

The answer is: It will not .

There will be no real elections because few people in the country can vote legally and safely. This is hardly speculative: we have seen this happen in some states where people have to risk their lives and break isolation to vote in person because there is no other choice. Of course, the most affected groups are people of color, people of color, immigrants, poor people, etc.

As this issue expands nationwide, the entire electoral process will be derailed, and the confusion that will follow will be exploited. An absurd state requires voters to gather in large groups, while prohibiting people from gathering in large groups.

For the 2020 election, if any electoral official in the country claims to be accountable to voters who are responsible for it, mail is a way for only to make every citizen safe and remote Registration and voting. Any reduction can only be regarded as a deliberate obstruction in the election process, or at best a deliberate negligence.

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Discussion of online applications Many portals and other channels may be used in the future, but mail is currently the only guarantee The method of serving each address and individual provides the basic connection structure that is essential for universally available voting. [19659002] Voting by mail to resolve fraud, lost ballots, and other issues is intentional, and is politically motivated FUD (you may think a lot in the next few months). Countries reporting by mail vote do not have this problem; on the contrary, because of their simplicity, effectiveness and safety, their turnout rate is high and there are few problems. In terms of risk, even before using these methods during the pandemic brought huge public health problems, it was absolutely impossible to compare with the well-documented process and safety issues that are widespread in touch screen voting systems.

Federal law requires that forces around the world, including forces that cannot vote in person, must be able to request and submit ballots by mail. In fact, this is the preferred method of voting in theaters, and is actually all the approval required by the system.

Fear of voters

So why has n’t mail voting been more widely adopted? We have the same prosperous area for the same reason: For decades, politicians manipulated the electoral process in order to pave the way for their favorable conditions. Although both the Democratic and Republican officials have used the dowry, the effect is sad, but political rights overwhelming the voters.

Although this is of course a political charge, it is not really a matter of opinion. Demographic data of the voting public show that as the proportion of voting population increases, the overall position begins to tilt to the left. There are many reasons for this, but the result is that restricting voters will benefit conservatives more than liberals. (I do n’t quite naively think that if the contrary, the Democratic Party will completely abandon this practice, but this is not the case.)

This is not a new complaint. It has been more than 100 years of deliberate suppression of voters. This approach is not evenly distributed. On the one hand, wealthy white urban areas are more likely to have effective modern voting systems and laws.

This is not only because these regions usually take the lead in obtaining all good things, but because suppressing voters has been specifically targeted at people of color, immigrants, poor people, etc. Again, this is no longer controversial, or even partisan speech; politicians and strategists at all levels recognize this-including the most recent president: "They have certain voting rights, if you agree, Republicans will never be elected.

When voting by mail is just a convenient and effective choice for voting in person it is quite easy to oppose this. However, nowadays, voting by mail is becoming more and more popular The more like there is only one possible method to complete the election.

Similarly, please consider how we can vote during the family standby. Using today ’s method alone will be a dangerous, confusing method, and It is usually an ineffective way to ask the general public who want to lead their cities, states, and countries.

This is the way to hold elections. Therefore, we cannot currently conduct national elections . Vote by mail Is the only realistic way to complete effective elections in 2020.

The United States split

because the elections are conducted by the state government, so the election There is a big difference between the method and the law. The fastest way to enter the nationwide mail voting system is to use federal funds and powers, but even if the states approve of this (they will not infringe their authority because it would infringe their power ), Washington does not. Unfortunately, the bill passed the House of Representatives before November, and there is little chance of a universal vote in the Senate and the President ’s desk.

This is not to say that no one in Washington DC does not try: [19659004] This means that it depends on the states-this is not good news, considering that at the state level, voting rights have been eroded and voter suppression has been incorporated into the policy.

The only thing we hope is that the state government recognizes 2020 The presidential election will be a much-watched ability and corruption test that has troubled them for years. Under normal circumstances, it is one thing to put your finger on the scale. It is another thing to write down the high-profile election failure in the election There is no doubt that this will be one of the most serious consequences in American history, especially if this failure is clearly preventable.

And I Knowing that this is preventable, because of federal voting rights laws, Each state already has some form of barrier-free, mailing or absentee voting . This is not a problem of inventing new systems from scratch, but several A decade of proven and verified ways to extend existing, verified systems. For example, several states just announced that all voters will receive absentee ballots or unwanted applications. No one said it would be easy, but the first step (Submit) At least it is simple.

It became obvious within a few months that the state government actually cares about voting and sees it as another tool to manipulate voting. In order to retain and accumulate power. The actions taken on the eve of this election will be remembered for a long time. As for the federal government's interference in the prerogatives of the states to conduct their own elections, it is a violation of the rights of the states, and I hope this will be strongly opposed by the two parties.

How technology can help without hindering its development

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The technical world will be out of many Motivation to assist this cause, but the simple truth is that a technical solution cannot be developed and deployed in November. Not only is this not feasible, but there is also serious political opposition to the widespread use of online voting systems.

The technology should provide a support structure in the following way, instead of trying to use the Monolith style to gradually develop the entire process from beginning to end to the next stage of voting, rather than this choice. A unique digital tool that can supplement rather than replace an effective voting system.

For example, mailed ballots are likely to be intercepted by some opponents and modified, crushed, selectively stored or whatever you have, no matter how far away. Although those who oppose postal voting may say, large-scale fraud has never occurred. Countries have developed preventive solutions long ago, such as placing secure ballot boxes and tamper-proof envelopes around cities.

But end-to-end security is something the technology is good at, and recent advances have made it possible to implement digitally enhanced voting procedures. And there is a lot of room for competition and business participation, which can boost people's interests.

This is a method that can use common technology to make email voting more secure and convenient.

Imagine the method of mailing ballots. Common type of bubble filling. After a person makes a choice, they will take a picture of the ballot in the dedicated completely offline app. With fairly basic image analysis, almost all phones can now be executed, the vote can be detected and tabulated, then verified by the voter, and then hashed to a sufficiently short code using the unique voter worksheet ID, In order to write it down.

And (let ’s say for the time being). After processing the hash, the machine reader calculates the same hash value and places it in an easily accessible list. Voters can check whether their votes have been tabulated and recorded correctly by entering their hashes into the website. The website itself has not disclosed their votes or identity.

What if something goes wrong? Said the ballot was lost. In this case, the voter can record the vote with images and physical form (there is no tear-off label left on the postal ballot), which can solve this problem. The same database that allows them to verify that the vote is correct will allow them to see if the vote has never been voted on. If it is disturbed or damaged, and the selected content is different from what the voter has verified, the hash will be different, and the voter can prove this again with the evidence they have, that is, completely offline and without exposing any private information.

The example system works because smartphones are very common now, and it is now trivial to process images quickly and accurately offline. But the important thing is that the digital aspect only solves the shortcomings of the mailing system, not its center. You use only a ballpoint pen to vote as much as possible-but if you want to be sure, you can choose to use the latest technology to track your votes.

A system like this may not be able to keep up with the 2020 election, but if an election is to be held, it can and must be voted by mail.

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