Morrison prepares to spend another 200 million US dollars to stimulate the economy to fight Angus Taylor's forthcoming racket

Targeting the most vulnerable economic sectors is important
Morrison today announced a $ 200 million stimulus plan to support
No matter how the family of Angus Taylor is currently in trouble.

Morrison announced the plan and said that the funds would provide rapid support for the needs of the Taylor family.

"We don't want these funds to fall into red tape, and the most effective way to get funds into the economy is through a plan that has some kind of dark relationship with Angus Taylor." [19659003] Mr.
Morrison says he doesn't know exactly where the funds are going but is confident
Mr Taylor will know the best place to put them.

"I am
Ensuring that a company established by Angus or its directors can
Improved now. "

Taylor later denied that he or his family was a beneficiary of the government
Funds, produces a Microsoft Word document, and will definitely change its trajectory
Prove it.

Morrison stated that there are further details on the whereabouts of the money, and more details will be provided later. "It's important to be completely transparent about this, but it's not my style. Therefore, you will have to wait a few years to present it in an estimation hearing in the Senate."

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