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Sometimes doing well means no one notices

Morbern's coated fabric will eventually appear on everything from office chairs to snowmobiles (photographed by Johnny CY Lin)

bowing his head Look at your chair. If in a car, bus, office or restaurant, you may be sitting on a coated fabric from Morbern Inc. Although you may not be in a snowmobile or hot tub, Montreal-Base's upholstery manufacturer also provides fabrics for those. CEO Mark Bloomfield joked: "Basically, where you put your buttocks, this is where we sell."

In Montreal in the 1950s, Bloomfield's grandfather Morris ( (Morris) founded the company in the world's textile capital at the time, and it was the old-fashioned ass. You will find yourself lying on the saddle and upholstered chair. "At that time, they woven fabrics and added vinyl plastic films with glue," Bloomfield said. Bloomfield started his family business at the age of 15. "These days are completely different."

That is, Morborne's products have been technologically transformed. President Eric Lamontagne said: "Morbern is a fairly old company, so there is always a lot of room for modernization and improvement. For example, it is now imported instead of weaving fabrics By itself, then Morbern engineers started working. "We coat [the fabric] to produce vinyl, urethane or polypropylene, aesthetically decorate it, and then sell it to various industries," said Bloomfield. Morbern produces about 50 Different coated fabrics that can be customized in approximately 3,000 different ways by color, pattern, and finishing. More than 400 employees work primarily in warehouses in Montreal and Ontario (60 employees in the United States, Asia and Europe There are more than a dozen employees).

If Morbern is doing a good job, ordinary people may not notice that their chair fabric is almost absent. But when the fabric fails to work, they will definitely notice. Bloom Bloomfield tells a case about a customer who realized they had encountered a car Seat cover problem: "Three-quarters of the car's interiors are dark, so the drivers of these cars didn't notice, but the other one-quarter car's interior is light, and when you have an accident sitting in a new Dark denim can actually stain vinyl. "The customer came eagerly to Morbern and needed a quick solution." We worked with the customer and our engineers to create a highly cleanable, denim-resistant finish without staining.

Since Bloomfield has a degree in science and business, it has been involved in the automotive industry since 1991, since it began to solve problems on a full-time basis, and has subsequently attracted the attention of other industries. This became Morborne's business card. For example, their MorCare products are specifically designed for the healthcare industry and can withstand the powerful detergents necessary for hospitals. (Since then, Morborne has made about 15 million yards. .) Allsport is an innovation for private ships, such as Sea-Doos, which has problems with seepage from seams and seams. Morbern invented a universal stretch-coated fabric that does not require seams and eliminates The entry point of excess moisture.

MorGreen products are also environmentally friendly, consume 100% of post-consumer waste and renewable materials, they need to reduce manufacturing energy and water. But the truth is that sustainable development is not Morbern's buzzword, it has always been its mission. The company was one of the first companies to do this, and has long since eliminated heavy money from its products .It works hard to control emissions and even improve air quality.

"Morborne seems to be the most successful in making the most difficult products," Ramontagne said. In his wildest engineering dream, he can think of What is the craziest coated fabric innovation? "If money and imagination have no limits, I want to invent a smart vinyl that can adapt to the environment. Imagine that vinyl can adjust its temperature or change its color with the click of a button. Bloomfield added: "Or maybe it can repair itself and grow again. "If anyone can do it, it will be Morborne.

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