Money Printer May Help Bitcoin and Its Derivatives Market

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Luuk Strijers, chief operating officer of important cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges, said that the anti-crisis measures taken by the global federal government and the Reserve Bank may indirectly help the Bitcoin (BTC) and its derivatives markets

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He added that in the coming months, the derivatives market will depend on what BTC is deemed to be Dangerous property such as stocks is still a safe home like gold. He suggested that halving Bitcoin in May would also affect the cost of BTC derivatives.

On the other hand, the current rally in the cryptocurrency market has triggered a conversation about BTC being decoupled from the stock exchange.

Nevertheless, according to the founder of quantum economics Marty Greenspan said that when the p appeared on March 12, the stock market had actually fallen to the limit of the limit.

"Restrictions have largely prevented some sell-offs. At this point, Bitcoin is just catching up with some lost ground, but overall, the losses are almost exactly the same." He wrote in a newsletter today.

At pixel time (16:41 UTC), the transaction price of BTC is C. At $ 6,393, it reached nearly $ 6,900 earlier today.

On the other hand, after the recent crash, the open contracts and trading volume (in US dollars) that Bitcoin chose also rose immediately, which was a day of costs and a week was still 19%. BTC costs are rising. At the same time, open interest in the bitcoin futures market (other important derivatives markets in the cryptocurrency space) has not seen the same rise, but it has actually stalled.

Source: Alter. [19659002] ___

Source: Alter.

"The outstanding BTC contract with Deribit is currently a 96k contract. According to Skew, Deribit holds 85% of open market positions, which is consistent with our market share before March 12/13." Strijers said that including open positions in futures and options is not always driven by exactly the same arguments.

"A lot of people are trading on the basis of current exchange rates (spot and futures) becomes less interesting. CCO added


As a more complex financial instrument, it provides options, But there was no commitment to purchase real estate at the cost provided, so the choice agreement agreed, which is an annualized rate of return a few weeks ago. It is usually used for hedging functions (a type of financial insurance underwriting) rather than positions in other markets. [19659002] Learn more:
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