Men and COVID-19: Why we will never win

Sorry, the earth is closed today.

Coronavirus has affected people on earth, but as nature broke out, its anger began to dissipate. Do we have a chance?

Look up! COVID-19 is a warning from nature

  • What made us here?
  • The earth is alive
  • The warning lens of nature

We have used Mother Earth for a long time. Suffering for our "development". Many people believe that a pandemic coronavirus is a way for nature to re-attack us.

But is this true?

Is this the end of the world pan?

Someone rightly asked, have we humans embarked on the road to destruction and destruction? As the Coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the globe, the number of deaths is increasing every moment, and this problem envelopes our civilization more seriously than ever before.

According to Indian mythology, this is the end of the world 'Kalyug' destroyed before the new creation. For Christians and Muslims, this is "Doomsday" and "Qyamat" and we will be judged for our actions. And so on …

People don't know their authenticity, but events around the world are undoubtedly disturbing. If we only look at the beginning of 2020, the earth has entered a series of natural disasters, the new era of the Australian bush fire and the Amazon forest fire.

Recent memories are that floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, bizarre hurricanes and tornadoes are orbiting the earth. As sea levels rise, polar ice caps and glaciers melt.

Let's not even go to the rampart protests and bloodsheds on the planet. Now this has become a phenomenon, called Global Protest Wave2019.

But now everything is fine, the earth is closed. You see! This is the coronavirus era.

Representative images of empty streets.

We humans are avoiding a virus that not only devours people, but also business and nations. The Internet is basically the entire artificial capitalist structure. So far we can't do anything about it and can't even find a solution!

Imagine that even in the same room, staying 6 feet away from our loved ones can ensure their lives!

As a civilization, why do we come down? If the past 50 years of development have plunged us into such a catastrophe, then the world order should reconsider its "progressive" thinking.

What motivated us to come here?

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, our development followed. Machines make our lives better. While alleviating human life, it also began to cause significant damage to the planet.

Satellite images of empty streets on Earth show the widespread impact of Covid-19.

Humans have put too much pressure on the natural world. Since the age of machines, the earth has sacrificed water, land, trees, minerals, oil and other resources for us.

Humans cross the border while establishing factories in the jungle, cutting down trees and contaminating the land during development. Global heating and the destruction of agriculture, mining and housing by the natural environment have led to the loss of animal habitat.

A virus, such as COVID-19, is emerging from these destructive habitats. Wuhan's wet goods market is only the end of natural destructive means.

According to Inger Andersen, UN Environment Leader, we have gained access to human pathogens through our actions. "Previously there were not so many opportunities for pathogens to be transmitted from wild and domestic animals to humans

 the impact of earth coronavirus on climate change
the structure of coronaviruses. | Source: Reddit

according to experts, emerging 75% of infectious diseases come from wildlife. Outbreaks of SARS, MERS, Ebola, Nipah and other viral infections have been a warning sign that we are not ready to re-emerge.

Apparently, we are not! [19659021] The earth is alive

With the world in a locked state and no human beings visible, Mother Nature finally breathed. Interestingly, in terms of climate change, the impact of coronavirus on the earth seems to be positive. Because Travel bans and factory closures have significantly reduced the carbon footprint. Venice's water has been cleaned up without humans, and in India, Olive Ridley's turtles are returning to Orissa beaches to nest .Today, Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world, the air is breathable and the mist is diffused!

The earth is an active Ecosystem. It interacts with us-this is not the traveler's curse. According to the Gaia hypothesis, the planet is not a lifeless interstellar body inhabited by lifeless life forms, but regulates and controls its own destiny through corrective measures

Therefore, it can restore balance as it is now. When mother Earth is treated unfairly, the court will punish crimes in accordance with the law, which is irreparable.

 Earth coronavirus affects climate change [19659037] China ’s air pollution has decreased since the coronavirus blockade. | Source: Nature </figcaption></figure>
<p> The relentless killing and simultaneous recovery of Mother Nature almost sounds like Tanos wanted it … <em> Everything A perfect balance should be reached. </em> </p>
<p> Perhaps, its nature is destroying us and we are living. For the time being. Consider it! </p>
<h2>  COVID-19 issues a warning </h2>
<p>  WHO experts recently announced that nature is making We conveyed the message and mentioned <strong> "Covid-19 is a clear warning shot. </strong> </p>
<p> But history has proven that humans have failed to heed warnings. The SARS outbreak of 2002-2003 has killed many people and has had a huge economic impact on the world. The feelings of Professor Andrew Cunningham of the Zoological Society of London Different. He said, "We can't do business as usual now. </p>
<p> Although we are sitting at home waiting for it to become "normal", it may not appear "normal". COVID-19 shows us how trivial and helpless we are when nature releases anger! </p>
<p> Back we will survive the coronavirus's impact on the earth … Guess! </p>
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