Memories from my nurse training. Joan Willis-Consett Magazine

After two years as a former nurse, I entered the Preliminary Training School (PTS), where we lived for six weeks at the Nursery House in Somerdale. That was in January 1960. Under the guidance of Scully, we learned basic nursing skills, anatomy and physiology. The family who cares for us is called Mabel. He is a good soul and must see many future nurses passing by the door.

We live with a Nigerian boy named Fali Gadzama. He is a good young man and is over 12 years old. 1. He is a resident of the Shortley Lodge near the Huntley Bridge Hunting Kennel.

Farley has never seen snow before, needless to say he is the target of many snowballs, but he did his best! He was taken under our protective wings and we got together and bought him a hat, scarf and gloves for him because he always complained about the cold.

We went to the Empire Cinema one night, and we endured the cat's bark and whistle.

At the end of six weeks, we completed the course and received a blue uniform with a white stripe on one of our sleeves. Farley's uniform was white with a blue stripe on his sleeve. This is the beginning of a long and arduous three-year work and study period during which we spend each day and night in each ward of the hospital. This is interspersed by some study rooms in the classroom behind the Path Lab (Pathology Lab).

Later, a purpose-built nursing school was provided with all the latest equipment, which now appears to be very old. It is located at the bottom of Nurse's House on Hillside, on the same floor as the recreation room. Most of January spent some time working together in the same ward in our third year.

Fali Gadzama and I spent some time in accidents and emergencies. On Sunday, our working hours are 2-5. We started at 8 am and had free time from 2 to 5 and then worked until 8 pm. All afternoon we went to Bridgehill with our parents for tea. I can imagine the twitching curtains caused by our presence on the street. My mother made scones, and she won the Highgate Performance Award for it. Farley ate two, and later said he could have eaten more, but he thought that was not polite!

He is a lovely person, and we know nothing about it except he wants to specialize in orthopedics. During his three years at Shotley Bridge Hospital, we don't know what romantic attachment he has. He is always pleasant and charming, but very private. I would like to know what happened to him, and if anyone else knew about him.

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