May 22, Wrights: ‘Canada needs our pilots to use modern aircraft’

Need to upgrade
Unfortunately, Canada lost another Air Force pilot in this terrible snowbird crash. Now, we can expect our prime minister to give him the usual canned eulogy. Canada and our troops need it more than this-promising to use the funds to provide modern aircraft and other equipment. The devoted young men and women in the army deserve it.
(The liberals are not big on the shiny new war machine. In addition, we have no money. They spent all of it.)

Determine the problem to be solved
What a big trouble! I ’m talking about how the provincial government removed the carpet from Calgary ’s restaurants, cafes, bars, hairdressers and barber shop owners, telling them they must wait until May 25 to reopen. I am particularly shocked that restaurants, bars, and cafes can no longer afford food, wine, linen, salary, etc. If anything, I mean, doubting that restaurants and bars will be unable to pay for opening on the 14th, then the government should postpone the date to one or two weeks before the original announcement. I strongly agree that these restaurants and bars should be compensated for out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of your actions. Only the government can mess things up. No wonder why (citizens) do not trust or trust the government?
(The treatment is very poor. There is no reason to wait until the last moment before unplugging.)

Closed on weekends?
After a break on the weekend, I saw that some companies used the truly intelligent COVID-19 program, but they also found many violations. One was terrible, I actually collapsed, trying to report what I saw. Do n’t answer government reports on weekends. I guess the virus is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Not good for snowbird accidents. If the pilot is flying an F-18 with two engines, then she is still alive today. It is risky to use one engine to drive an old-fashioned airplane built in the 1960s. But this is the sad state of our army. Our elite army has to risk using old equipment. Our helicopter is very old and crashed. Our soldiers even had to share sleeping bags, and our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau opened our borders and took away all these so-called refugees and placed them in hundreds of taxpayers that cost us Ten thousand dollars in a hotel, and he should have used this money for our army. Thank God, we have President Donald Trump ’s army to protect us.
(tragic accident.)

China must pay
I have this money with China. I have nothing against the Chinese people, but the Chinese government must be responsible for what they do. I want to remind the Chinese consulate that we have been elected Jason Kenny and I are happy for the work he has done.
D. Just because the prime minister is willing to sell the country for his beloved UN seat, I will not buy any products made in China to protest the Chinese government.
(called standing.)

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