Macron appoints Jean Castex as the new Prime Minister of France – Raw Story

French President Emmanuel Macron appointed Jean Castex, the new prime minister, on Friday to coordinate France’s virus reopening strategy.

The relatively low-key Castex (Castex) replaced Edouard Philippe (Edouard Philippe) who resigned earlier that day. Macron is reorganizing the government to focus on restarting the economy after months of blockade.

The 55-year-old Castex is a professional civil servant who has worked with several governments. So far, France’s gradual opening plan has generally been successful.

It is expected that many government members will be replaced in the reorganization.

Macron said in interviews with several local newspapers on Thursday that he was seeking "" to rebuild the country's new road in the remaining two years of his term.

He praised Philip for his "outstanding work" over the past three years.

"I will need to make a choice to lead (the country) to step down." He says.

The reshuffle came days after local elections swept through France. Macron saw his young centrists fail in France's largest city and failed to establish local roots throughout France.

is scheduled to take place before the voting on Sunday. The Macron government faces obstacles and criticism before and during the virus crisis.

As the disease peaked in the country in March and April, the authorities were criticized for lack of masks, testing, and medical equipment.

Prior to this, Macron’s pro-business policy was generally regarded as favoring the wealthy, but was hampered by opposition to the known socially unfair yellow vest economic movement. This winter, weeks of strikes and street demonstrations against planned pension reforms damaged the country.

In addition, the economic and social consequences of the country’s blockade have also swept Macron’s efforts to increase employment opportunities.

The government issued an emergency plan of 460 billion euros through a part of the state-funded activity plan, tax cuts and other financial assistance to businesses. Since the French economy is expected to shrink 11% this year, Macron needs to adjust its policies.

The unemployment rate will drop from 9.2% at the beginning of Macron’s 2017 term to 7.6% at the beginning of this year (the lowest level since 2008), and is now expected to grow steadily.

"Our first priority is to rebuild the economy. Macron said in a televised speech to the United States on June 14.

He ruled out any possibility of raising taxes and instead said that "work and production are more." Response to bankruptcy. Unemployment and layoffs caused by the crisis.

He focused on creating new jobs through climate-oriented policies, including the transformation of old buildings and greener transportation and industry. [19659002] Philip, 49, is expected to become his mayor. In the hometown of Le Havre in western France, he won a major victory in the Sunday vote.

He is a former conservative member of the Republican Party, A member of the conservatives, he joined the Macron government in May 2017.

He saw his prestige. French polling agencies showed that in recent weeks, French attitudes have risen sharply, and many French people think he is gradually relaxing The country’s virus-related restrictions and the implementation of emergency plans to support the French economy have done a good job.


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