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Photo submitted by Ashley Walter

Sophie Gray

Local News Initiative reporter

On Monday, two Osoyoos local residents went to social media to clean up the community on the Osoyoos Canal.

Catherine "Kitty" Greves is a local walker who often walks her four-legged clients on the canal. She noticed the place during her daily walks and decided to do something about it.

"I'm regularly walking customers' dogs, and I'm walking on the North Canal sidewalk, and I stumbled across the house's location, littered everywhere. You can tell people that they have lived there temporarily for years," Grave Said. "

Ash or Ashley Walter is a friend of Greaves, who has a strong passion for the environment. The two have been working on creative projects around the environmental and social impact of garbage, so Graves naturally joined her They brought garbage bags to the site for cleaning, but soon realized that it was a difficult job for them.

"We realized that it might take two or three days for both of us, Gray Fuss said. "There is so much garbage, we are not fully prepared, because under the first layer is another layer of garbage, and so on."

So Walter and Graves decided to organize a community cleanup. , Post to Facebook to get help from as many people as possible. About a dozen people appeared that day to help get the job done.

"It's a sprint, but it's great to meet new people and meet new people in the community," Walter said, adding that it's a great way to build a community and increase productivity while outdoors [19659005] After the completion, the volunteer cleaners had too much garbage to throw to the dump, so they contacted the town of Osoyoos to collect and dispose of the garbage for free. Graves said.

"It's great to get the town's support in this town," she said. "I want to make sure that this garbage does not pose a public safety risk, so the public service manager called me the next day and very kindly arranged a pick-up event."

Two women plan to continue in the future with the help of the town And clean up the areas that emerge with the continued support of the community. Both Greves and Walter see this as a great way to involve people in the community in a positive way that benefits everyone's health and a clean environment.

"They all expressed interest in doing more of this kind of cleanup, and Walter talked about volunteers at the Monday event." Many community members who couldn't attend this meeting expressed interest in future cleanups, and I think continue in town This is really a cool thing.

Both plans continue to use Facebook to facilitate any future cleanups they organize with the help of the town.

Osoyoos residents cleaned the canal on Monday, March 16. Photo submitted by Ashley Walter

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