Local brewery provides hand sanitizer for elderly and low-income people

The Toronto Distillery is producing its own hand sanitizer to cope with the reduced supply due to COVID-19 and is free of charge to the elderly and low-income people.

Gerry Guitor, founder of York Distillery, said they noticed panic from shoppers a few weeks ago and wanted to help the community. So they looked for a formula from the World Health Organization (WHO) to make hand sanitizers and started mass production.

"Ho product is a reaction at the moment of crisis, and we need to find another way." He said. [19659002] "If you have a winery, this is a relatively easy recipe, because it is 96% ethanol glycerol, 3% hydrogen peroxide, and distilled water.

Starting on Thursday, it is located in the winery area Trinity St. Distillery No. 12 will be sold in 1,000,140 ml bottled stocks around the world. Guitor said: [Public$3butfreeforthoseover65andunabletoaffordit

The proceeds will be donated to local food banks.

Those who want a bottle of wine must

The winery opened in 2017 and is working with LCBO to reduce their premium gin and vodka prices by $ 10 to $ 39.95, and then $ 1 of them It will also be used for food storage.

"We believe that if people want to isolate themselves, it is best to do it with premium vodka and gin," he said. "It is certain that they will Get the best manual hand sanitizer ethanol on the market.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the York Brewery in Toronto manufactured hand sanitizers. The brewery sold hand sanitizer bottles for $ 3 and sold the proceeds to a local food bank. They provide these services free of charge to seniors and low-income people over the age of 65. (SUPPLIED / LAURA WARREN-CAUSTON)

No more than two people want to use hand sanitizer, but Guitor said they may reduce it to one as needed.

Guitor says they are looking for

He said they already have a company stepping up to help them label, and they hope that a distribution company may want to help bring disinfectants to a wider market. .

"We have found a large number of suppliers, and today we can obtain 20 gallons. We will have a large supply next week, so we will increase production and hopefully meet demand," he said.

"Our motivation is to bring business together. Let us try to reduce fear and anxiety. Even if we are a small winery, we want to do our part."

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