Livingston is confident it can survive the coronavirus crisis after revealing a £ 350,000 payout

LIVINGSTON is confident of going through a "challenging era" after he revealed that the club has written off £ 350,000 worth of loans and debts since 2018.

Like the other clubs in Scotland, when the Lions will hold their next match is still in the dark

However, West Lothian has taken action to assure supporters that they have sufficient conditions to Tackling the ensuing unprecedented coronavirus crisis

wrote in a statement signed by Livingston's board yesterday: "For the past 18 months, We can then liquidate historical debt and loans in the region of 350,000 pounds through agreed debt relief and repayment.

"We will continue our efforts to further reduce historical loans so that we

" The business model of eliminating the ultimate debt target and forgiving director / creditor loan accounts is critical.

It has also been confirmed that Chairman Robert Wilson and CEO John Ward have taken emergency measures, which is already A huge challenge, but even in the current climate, we believe we can stay on track.

Distribution continues "We are very fortunate to have the support and support of the chairman [Robert Wilson] and the CEO [John Ward]these two eras

" Naturally, these funds are not bottomless, and there is a team that is superior, The coaching staff and a few others, they quickly secured funding, and if the club reaches a stage where we really need to take advantage of its generosity.

Meanwhile, Livingston vowed to support the Scottish Football Association and the SPFL Joint Response Group believes Any solution that uses Scottish football as the best solution.

The debate has been fierce about whether the campaign should be convened early and the rankings as of March 13 should be respected. Some others want the end of the season, Regardless of how long it takes, UEFA hopes that all leagues will end by June 30.

In contrast, Levy ranks fifth in the Premier League and is in a comfortable position


The statement added: "No matter what action the SFA and SPFL decide to take, they will get the Livingston Football Club Full support.

"In a state of emergency, we all need to unite.

" Nothing is for everyone, but as a club, we will support whatever choice the governing body chooses.

Livingston confirmed that they have told their players not to report on training for the foreseeable future and have received personalized training plans and recommendations on how to stay healthy and avoid infection.

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