Live broadcast: COVID-19 update released by the British Columbia government on April 3-Osoyoos Times

Lyonel Doherty

Aberdeen Press

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry urged young people to find trusted adults and talk about their anxiety about the pandemic.

In today ’s COVID-19 update, Henry admitted

“This is a very challenging time for teenagers to stay at home (where there is no social interaction with their friends).”

She He also said that teenagers are worried about finishing high school and their middle school

but Henry said that the pandemic is a change in their lives that can be resolved through dialogue and information from reliable sources.

Henry said that in British Columbia, the risk of this virus is still very high, noting that there are 53 new

"We are in a dilemma, this is the time we stick to; by then, the total number reached 1,174 cases, including 126 confirmed cases in inland health areas. "

Henry reported another outbreak in another long-term care facility, which now totals 22.

And she unfortunately reported four other cases. Death, bringing the total number of deaths in British Columbia to 35.

But she provided some “positive news” because hospitalization (146) was reduced twice than yesterday.

She also reported that 64 people are under intensive care, but please note that a total of 641 people have fully recovered from the virus.

Henry said that despite the tremendous sacrifices made by strict measures, more travelers returned to British Columbia. From the place where COVID-19 caused the damage. She pointed out that these people must be isolated without exception for 14 days.

Henry encouraged people to feed their loved ones. She pointed out that this can be achieved by putting down groceries or walking dogs.

The Minister of Health Adrian Dix said that the number of emergency room visits has dropped significantly from 6559 cases three weeks ago to 3117 cases yesterday (yesterday).

He also admitted that 11,276 surgeries had been cancelled during the pandemic in BC. However, he said the government is still committed to resuming these procedures.

Dicks thanked the staff of the Ministry of Health for putting in a lot of overtime pay every day, and "demonstrating" work in this crisis to "best effort".

] In other news, he expressed disappointment at the announcement that the United States (President Donald Trump) ordered to stop exporting N95 masks to Canada.

Dix said that although their American cousins ​​are facing great pressure from COVID-19, Dix said:

"This is not our retribution, but a response to the joint efforts of the two countries." In 1965, Dix said. We need to convince our American friends that this is wrong for them and us. ”

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