Letter from June 30: Abuse of personal freedom in the COVID-19 pandemic

Cover up the problem

I understand that most people living in democratic countries regard personal freedom as a right. But after learning about COVID-19 in the southern United States, I tend to think that the government can play a major role in regulating some of these freedoms. In particular, Republicans tend to focus on small governments, but have less interference in people’s lives. Unfortunately, residents of the democracies of Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Nevada and California continue to prove that, as far as COVID-19 is concerned, many people cannot believe that they are doing the right thing. In addition, Republican President Donald Trump is working to reduce the test of COVID-19 because it "makes the United States look bad" compared to other countries.


(in times of trouble.)

The plan is over. AWRY

I am planning to book a flight ticket with my 91-year-old parents on vacation in September. However, my father just sent an email and he didn’t want me to come because I might carry coronavirus. Well done, Prime Minister Kenny. Your participation in this endless social fear movement has scared a country.


(Being cautious is not the prime minister’s fault.)


Christion Jones expressed his opinion that he is now unemployed. We have completely lost the basic freedom of this country. You don’t have to agree with anyone, but you must allow them to express their feelings. I’m tired of hearing: “It’s hurt.” Go forward and stick to your beliefs. Don’t blame others for criticizing your beliefs. I think all CFL players should go on with Jones' support, regardless of their personal views on this issue. [19659002] LYLE YOUNG

(Eskimos and CFL uphold their beliefs.)


Vince Carter (Vince Carter) has an indelible effect on the NBA with his extraordinary skills and enduring commitment influences. In a record 22 seasons, he played with pure joy and created many unforgettable moments, including eight All-Star selections, a slam dunk champion and an Olympic gold medalist. I congratulate him on his legendary career and thank him for being the true ambassador of this game.



(always a raptor.)


voted for Meng Wanzhou


(I think this issue is handing her over to the US, then she Will be tried.)


As a long-term Edmontonist, I have never been as embarrassed as our city. Our common park is deeply planted with dandelions, and our once beautiful river valley is full of shopping carts and other debris. Before the city council gets rid of the world of fossil fuel and greenhouse gas emissions, maybe we should take care of our backyard. I did not even mention that our path is similar to that of developing countries. City clowncil is united, you have nothing to lose, but you have shiny red noses and big moccasins.


(Can you imagine that due to the huge financial blow caused by COVID-19, what would the road look like in winter?)

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