Latest news: Experts say virus could kill 240,000 in the US

The latest report on a coronavirus pandemic. The new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms in most people. For some people, especially the elderly and people with health problems, it can lead to more serious illness or death.

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— experts say the virus can kill up to 240,000 Americans.

— 50 cases of the virus were infected in a California nursing home.

— China has reported 36 new cases of COVID-19, and almost only one is from abroad. NEW YORK — As the number of deaths in the United States continues to increase, officials warn that the disease could kill 100,000 to 240,000 Americans even if people stay at home and restrict contact with others.

Experts made predictions at a media briefing with President Donald Trump on Tuesday. But they say that if everyone makes their own contribution to preventing the spread of the virus, they hope that number will not skyrocket.

"I want every American to be ready for the tough times ahead," Trump said. The validity of the Social Alienation Guidelines was extended to April 30. "We will go through two very difficult weeks."

The United States adds 26,000 new cases every day, bringing the total to 189,000. The death toll has soared to more than 4,000, including more than 1,000 in New York City.


Los Angeles—A nursing home in Southern California has been severely damaged by coronavirus, and more than 50 residents have been infected—a worrying development

Someone has been notified that the Cedar Mountain Emergency Rehabilitation Center in Yucaipa has been Assuming all patients have the COVID-19 virus, San Bernardino County Director of Public Health Trudy remains cautiously optimistic. Raymondo said. As of Tuesday, 51 residents and 6 staff members had tested positive. Two patients died, including an 82-year-old woman with health problems.

The sanatorium in eastern Los Angeles does not accept new residents, and the facility was closed under the supervision of two governors, Govin Newsom. Raymundo said.

Announcing this news, Newsom said that extraordinary efforts to get people home have been bought for the time it takes to prepare for the expected spike in coronavirus cases in the coming weeks.

Newsom said that slower-than-expected case growth could now peak in May, although he was unwilling to say whether this meant that the impact on the country would not be as dire as initially feared.


Beijing-On Wednesday, the Chinese National Health Commission reported 36 new cases of COVID-19, and one day later announced that asymptomatic cases would be included in the official count.

The commission stated that all but one new case imported advertisements from Abro, and seven more people died of the disease in the past 24 hours. The committee did not disclose whether new cases were asymptomatic, but reported on Tuesday that of the 1,541 asymptomatic cases currently being isolated and monitored for symptoms, 205 were from overseas.

The move seeks to disclose asymptomatic cases from a review of data reported in China. Previous data included only people who showed symptoms. Although it is unclear what proportion of people who are infected with the virus but still asymptomatic, scientists say these "carriers" can still pass COVID-19 to other people who eventually become sick.

As China ’s domestic outbreak has largely been alleviated, it is questioned whether the country ’s failure to count asymptomatic cases will lead to a resurgence of infection. China was the first place where the virus was found in December, with a total of 81,554 cases of COVID-19 and 3,312 deaths reported so far.

The Chinese Health Commission also announced on Wednesday that 174 cases of asymptomatic cases have been isolated and monitored. The previous number was 1,367. Although the Committee did not indicate whether the reclassified cases originated in China or abroad, 130 new cases were recorded, 302 cases were eliminated, and they were reclassified as confirmed cases.


CENTRAL, the parking lot of the Lagos Church is full of buses and cars, and believers flock to hear the voice of the Rev. Louisiana Rev., although the party was banned during the Coronavirus pandemic Facing a misdemeanor to worship.

On Tuesday evening, a number of protesters also appeared in court, including a man. Shouting through a megaphone against a party in the Church of the Tabernacle of Life. Another demonstrator gave a slogan: "God doesn't like stupidity."

Later, when people started leaving the church, some people chatted outside the front door, and many didn't seem to insist on keeping distance from society, at least Keep six feet apart.

A few hours ago, Rev. Tony Speyer was issued to a missionary for violating the governor's order prohibiting gatherings, demanding that he previously serve in church.


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