Land grab deal: Obama only paid $10 to get 20 acres of public land in Chicago

Imagine that you have only $10 in your Wal-Mart pocket, and you will see a shirt that costs nearly $20. You won’t be able to buy it, and Wal-Mart is unlikely to rent it to you for $10 a day. But did you know that Barack Obama can rent a full 20 acres of public land in Chicago's scenic Jackson Park area for 99 years for only $10? You heard me right. The Obamas acquired 20 acres of land for only 10 dollars for 99 dollars.

 Jackson Park land robbery
Image @ Wiki Commons

Although the mainstream media has never paid attention to Obama's land grab scandal through them, the Obama Foundation can find people who question this major corruption case online The official record of the lawsuit. The legal news source "Court News" published a story on st on May 21 this year. Lorraine Bailey's story is titled "The Seventh Circuit Hearing Debate in the Obama Library Land Snatch Lawsuit." The story reads:

If the Clinton Foundation approached New York City and asked for the 20-acre Central Park as its Harlem headquarters, it would be laughter off the court. But this is essentially the request made by the Obama Foundation to Chicago, and it was reached in a sweetheart deal under the leadership of former mayor Rahm Emanuel. The mayor previously served as Obama’s chief of staff.

Therefore, the Obamas hope to build a multi-million-dollar presidential complex that they will privately own, but built on public land in Chicago, and they will be handed over to them by their clumsy man for $10. You can imagine how much return that guy will get from the Obamas, most likely through a third party in exchange for this land acquisition transaction. Simply put, the land belonging to the American people is actually provided to Obama for free.

Now, the leftist propaganda media is not only silent about Obama's land grab, but also very silent about Obama's proposed environmental damage. The Presidential Center will head to the Jackson Park area. The Jackson Park Watch website released the latest news at the Obama Presidential Center. On July 30 last year, the website published detailed information on how the design of the center affected the park area. Concerns range from affecting migratory birds to polluting the natural park environment and the safety of pedestrians walking in the area.

Currently, the Presidential Palace is facing a lawsuit against the Chicago Park Area and the City of Chicago to protect our parks (POP). As Jackson Park Watch reported in its August 28th update, the lawsuit is not over yet, and it challenges the transfer of public park land to the Obama Foundation.

At the same time, as the global COVID 19 crisis severely hit various economies, the center was also questioned. Curtis Black's article in the Chicago Reporter raised a question about the affordability of the center, saying: "The planned infrastructure expenditure of more than $50 million seems to support suspicious development of luxury golf courses. "

This dirty land grab agreement between the Chicago government and the Obama administration, the propaganda mob that concealed the corruption and crime of liberals, has actually been hidden from the public. If built, the same propaganda mob remained silent on the environmental damage caused by the center. The reason is obvious-they are active stakeholders in the gains of corruption and predatory activities. Imagine if Trump or any conservative leader could get 20 acres of land in their lifetime for only $10, how these media mobs would verbally lynch them 24/7.

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