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Oliver Osoyoos search and rescue dog service provider Mike Arychuk paused during training with German shepherd Kaya, who will soon be confirmed to start working with the team. (Photo by Lyonel Doherty)

By Lyonel Doherty

Aberdeen Publishing

Oliver Osoyoos can't wait to "find" something in the search and rescue family so she can run a tug of war.

The German shepherd Kaya, only 19 months old, will soon be the team's first proven hound under the leadership of handler Mike Arychuk.

She is currently receiving training from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and is waiting to officially start working for the team. [19659005] By that time, the Kayao will be the only proven field hunting dog in Southern Okanagan.

Verified search dogs should have a high level of obedience, will not be aggressive to other dogs or other people, and have excellent physical fitness.

] • Learn more: Osoyoos Rotary donated to OOSAR.

Arychuk married Kaya when she was about 8 weeks old, and by 9 weeks she was training and learning how to follow.

"In choosing () dogs, you are looking for Dr. Gao's work ethics with toy and game motivation," Arychuk said. "Basically, this dog is trained to find things, and when he finds things, he can play a tug of war."

Kaya is trained to find lost people and evidence, such as a piece of clothing. For example, if she is looking for a lost child and finds him / her, she will be trained to stay there, bark and wait for Arychuk to come to the separated child.

If she is looking for someone trapped on a hard ledge, Arychuk must be extra careful, because Kaya will try to keep as close as possible to the person.

Finally, it was all fun for her. When she found that person or item, her bark said, "Hey, dad, come here. I found

this is Arychuk's second search dog. He was in Alberta and Saskatchewan The handler of a human remains detection dog (Jaida) in the province has been in existence for more than eight years.

Arychuk started talking about Kaya's identity verification again and began to groan with longing. She really Do you know what you're talking about? You have to wonder.

But she does have a very keen sense of smell. In fact, the percentage of dog brains dedicated to smell analysis is actually 40 times that of humans, [Arychuksaid

"It is estimated that a dog's sense of smell is 1000 to 10,000 times higher than that of the nasal cavity. The manager said:

For dogs, the smell of humans is as strong and unique as the smell of freshly baked apple pie (to humans).

Experts estimate that one search dog can complete the work of 20 to 30 human searchers.

"It doesn't just smell – the dog's excellent hearing and night vision also work," Arychuk said.

When working in the field, operators must always be aware of the dangers of working in any type of environment. These risks may include ticks, bears, cougars, snakes, barbed wire, old abandoned wells or mines, cliffs, rapid water, ice, ferocious dogs, broken glass and hunters.

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