Justin Trudeau vs. Old Boy

This interview is very strange. Brian Mulroney gave Globe information about Canada and China a few days ago.

With the intervention of heavyweights of foreign policy at a certain age, this is actually pretty good for Justin Trudeau. The main question in the Canada-China archives is whether Canada should continue to hold an extradition hearing for Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, or whether it should hand her over to Beijing in exchange for the release of Canadian prisoners Michael Kovrig and Michael Swaffer.

Mulroney is so much on the Trudeau team's problem that he said he felt sad that he proposed Jean Chrétien to China to solve the problem a year ago. (Mulroney said he was surprised to learn that Chrétien would have supported Meng-for-Michaels exchange prisoners. Did he not check the position of his successor before voluntarily inviting him to serve as a temporary diplomatic mission?) How, Mulroney reached his current position on Meng’s extradition, and his support for Trudeau’s refusal to reach an agreement made him run counter to the so-called gang of 19 former diplomats, bureaucrats, and politicians, who wrote to Trudeau to urge him to proceed trading. People think Trudeau is very grateful for your support.

In every other aspect of Canada-China relations, Muloni is aware of the leadership vacuum and the growing list of decisions: in terms of 5G mobile networks, southern security, China Sea and others.

Sorry, long introduction. This seems strange to me: Mulroney does not require Justin Trudeau to make these decisions. He called on Trudeau to find another person to make a decision for him.

The following is the wording of the Earth article:

"Mulroney said that the prime minister should strike a panel of experts composed of blue ribbons to reshape Canada’s China policy and study How other Western countries have readjusted their strategies to respond to the increasingly warring Beijing.

"Do it." Rethink our relationship with China. Mr. Mulroney said that the world has changed.

"He suggested that former Canadian ambassador to China David Mulroney should be the head of this group."

David Mulroney has nothing to do with Brian Mulroney. I should add that I don’t know that these two men know each other well. It's just that David Mulroney is among the infamous Chinese hawks, and in other respects is usually the former foreign service official of the doves.

It is shocking that the former prime minister hinted that the current prime minister and Trump White (Trump White) jointly judged their judgment house, one of the two biggest global headaches Canada is currently facing. Even more shocking is that this is not the first time the retired police have made such a proposal recently.

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The one-year campaign for the UN Security Council seats after the Trudeau five ended with a majestic face, Alan Locke (Allan Rock) and Sergio Marchi wrote an article for Policy Choice considering how Canada can pick up these votes. It may not be equally important that Rock and Marchi served as ministers in the Liberal government of Jean Chrétien more than 20 years ago. Their recommendations are very similar to Mulroney’s:

Let’s reorganize, conduct a frank assessment of our position in the world, and address any vulnerabilities we discovered in Canadian policies and practices. In this regard, we made four recommendations.

First, let us adopt a contemporary, persuasive and coherent Canadian foreign policy. We should have thoroughly reviewed our global priorities and how best to promote them.

We believe that this task should not be left to PMO, PCO or senior officials. There is no need to provide it to experts outside the government. We propose to allocate it to the bipartisan parliament of the House of Commons and the Senate established for this purpose.

March and Locke are not political warriors with a long history of succumbing to political insults. . They are a markedly gentle soul in the government, and have commented on politics only occasionally since leaving office. However, they announced here that on the road of not adopting a coherence policy, a frank assessment “should not” be left to Trudeau’s office or anyone who might use it. They did suggest the establishment of a mechanism of a parliamentary committee composed of the whole party. Frankly speaking, it could not produce anything coherent. But I insist on this concept, which is obviously widespread in political alumni clubs, that is, Justin Trudeau must stay away from serious files.

The 19-year-old gangster is relatively gentle compared to Muloni, Locke and Marchi. Their letter to the Prime Minister was actually a letter to the Prime Minister, and the 19-Party made it clear that they wanted Trudeau to make a decision rather than an outsourcing decision. Therefore, this letter is not a de facto challenge to Trudeau’s leadership. However, it does urge Trudeau to completely annex itself-to give up "current, unwise practices." Trudeau's course. The 19 countries joined Mulroney, Marchi, and Rock. Instead of sharing a recommended route, they found that Canada had no way to go. The 19-year-old prime minister wrote that the prime minister left "hostages" and "stumbling blocks" of foreign policy in the corners he portrayed.

This is a lot of people who previously held the title of fantasy, they found that they agree-um, in what way?

(By the way, it is also surprising that none of these petitioners are like this. This is the vacuum of the highest power of the Canadian government, or it is not a vacuum, but the vacuum may be better than our existing vacuum) . Mulroney, Marchi and Locke have nowhere to mention Canada’s current foreign minister or former deputy prime minister, but his name has escaped, and the 19th century gang did not even pretend to pretend to say

Please note that not all of these Critics must be right. The Minister of Justice is responsible for the privilege of the Minister of Justice in extradition cases. I have been critical of Trudeau shortly before the SNC-Lavalin chaos began. (In terms of value, I think this article on administrative federalism on all topics has marked the official start of hostilities.) However, since Sergio Marchi wanted Justin Trudeau ( Justin Trudeau) stopped making the decision, Marchi was right, it is not obvious that Trudeau was condemned. These letters and interviews reveal views : On important issues, we don’t actually have a prime minister.

This view is nothing new. In the hands of the old Liberal Party, hearing the temporary dismissal of the Trudeau crew is common, and the dismissal can of course be written as sour grapes or nostalgia. "This is half of a very good budget!" Bill Morneau, the PMO representative of the Chretien era, told me after the 2019 budget. "Of course, they did ignore economic considerations…"

I also think that joining the 19th Century Gang at Allan Rock to promote Meng-for-Michaels communication In some interviews accepted at the time, this view is uneasy. . Locke told Earth that Canada needs a “reasonable basis for a full debate on facts, not columnar articles like “rule of law”, “independence of courts” and “holyness”. Its trademark is the tailoring of Allan Rock High English ("Dedicated Mantra"), which is a complaint you have been hearing, and these people should have been natural allies of the government, but never appeared in conversations. It consults but does not listen.

In many ways, this is a good year for Justin Trudeau in politics. From the immediate response to the damage to UIA 752 in January, to the protesters’ announcement of solidarity with the indigenous people in February and the peaceful end of the railway blockade, to Canada, COVID-19 charges were milder than those of the United States and the Prime Minister spent a lot of time. Half a year of skating is one step ahead of the disaster. His daily briefings at Rideau Cottage provide him with the opportunity to set the conditions for political debate in a photogenic environment without opposition from the parties.

However, in June, he heard news of people who thought he did not have him. Make a decision, or hope that he will pull his decision to 180. Very strange.

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