It's time for the Government of National Unity

Scott Gilmore: If the Liberals want to make the best decision for all Canadians, they need to put NDP and CPC on the cabinet seats.

We have reached a new position. The world is facing unprecedented simultaneous economic and health shocks. Every hour, the developments and threats we see are unimaginable even a few days ago.

At the time of this writing, Porter announced that it will cancel all flights, even domestic flights, in the next two months. We also need to think about responses that were once unimaginable. In the United States, orders for temporary shelters have been released in San Francisco and are expected to be released soon in New York City. Governments around the world are worried about the possible collapse of the Great Depression and are injecting trillions of dollars into the market. The border is closing. The supply chain is failing. The medical infrastructure is either already overwhelmed or planned to be built soon.

Depending on your guerrilla situation, the Canadian government is doing a good job or responding badly. And, the Coronavirus Cabinet Committee should focus only on making the toughest decisions of their lives (in fact, this may be the toughest decision any cabinet has faced since World War II). What we don't need now is partisan sniping and bickering.

In most cases, our politicians choose to act like adults. During the questioning period, people had some early attitudes, but as the scale of the crisis became clear, the Conservatives and the New Democrats were largely restrained and constructive.

I mainly said that because some shame needs to be dropped on the party's head. The two main candidates for Chinese Communist Party leadership. Peter McKay and Erin O'Toole continue to ridicule, xenophobic and ultra-partisan low-cost shooting campaigns that would cost them their leadership loss 10 to 15 years ago qualifications. But this is the subject of a quiet day.

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Given the dangers, it is time for the Prime Minister to consider the establishment of an Andrew Sher by the Chinese Communist Party National unification cabinet formed with Jagmet Singh of the National Democratic Party.

There is no doubt, for example, that the Chinese Communist Party has a better understanding of what Alberta currently needs or how they feel, which enables them to make decisions to ensure that the government receives input and insights from Canadians. . Similarly, some Canadian communities have a much louder voice in the New Democrats. If the Liberal Party wants to make the best decision, then for all Canadians, they need all Canadians to attend the meeting, which is reflected in the political leadership of their choice.

Less than a third of Canadians voted for the Liberal Party. Bringing NDP and CPC (and possibly Bloc and Greens) into the decision-making process, Canadians from all provinces and all political factions will hear their voices and be comforted. They will be more willing to accept the difficult decisions made and the sacrifices required if they can see politicians supporting and trusting their place in the prime minister's office.

The opposition under Queen Ma plays a vital role in our parliamentary system. They demanded government responsibility and forced the government to justify their decisions. Under normal circumstances, this role is in the aisle opposite the ruling party, rather than sitting at the same cabinet table. But this is not normal, they are closer to the war of the 20th century.

In 1917, the recruitment crisis, Prime Minister Robert Borden established a cabinet composed of 12 conservatives, 9 Liberals and 1 conservative. Labour members. The same was true of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during World War II. Opposition leader Clement Attlee becomes Churchill's deputy prime minister.

In that case, the Prime Minister recognized that extraordinary challenges require extraordinary teams. They built those teams. They fought together successfully.

In our case, the government of national unity did not need to be maintained for a long time, although analysis showed that the world would shrink due to the social and economic impact of the virus, and then they disbanded.

The Prime Minister should answer the phone today and ask Schell and Singh to join him. In turn, they should accept the offer in good faith, and not use it for political points. If this is done, Canadians will remember and erase their legacy forever.

With a nationally unified cabinet, we will have better information and more representative decisions, decisions that get rid of cheap party positions, Canadians will be more likely to make decision support and decisions, and they will enable us Get out of this crisis faster.

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