Iran says the UN's arms embargo on Tehran has been lifted-Raw Story

Iran stated that the UN’s long-term arms sales embargo on the Islamic Republic will expire on Sunday, which coincides with the landmark nuclear agreement with the withdrawal of world powers in 2015.

Tehran can now buy weapons from Russia, and China and other regions have praised this development as a diplomatic victory for its main enemy, the United States, which has tried to freeze arms sales indefinitely.

"As of today, all restrictions on arms transfers and related activities of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

The embargo on the sale of conventional weapons in Iran will gradually expire on Sunday, October 18. According to a resolution passed by the United Nations, the Islamic Republic and the world’s major powers reached a nuclear agreement in 2015.

"From today onwards, the Islamic Republic can purchase any necessary weapons and equipment. The Ministry does not have any legal restrictions. , Is formulated entirely according to its defense needs," the ministry added in a statement on Twitter. Britain, France, Germany and Russia, "the purpose of lifting arms restrictions and travel bans is to proceed automatically and no other action is required.

U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew from the country from the nuclear agreement in 2018 and has started unilaterally

But Washington suffered a setback in August when it failed to win unlimited support from the UN Security Council Extension of the arms embargo.

–'Momentous day'–

Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Sunday that this is an important day for the international community. He added that the world has always stood with Tehran. Together, “ignore the efforts of the US regime.”

But it emphasized that “unconventional weapons, weapons of mass destruction and

despite withdrawing from the nuclear agreement, the Trump administration insisted that it was still “participating ”, so the sanctions can continue.

Washington has stated that it has decided to unilaterally restore almost all sanctions on Iran that the United Nations has lifted under the agreement.

But the United States’ legal arguments have been rejected by almost the entire UN Security Council, and European US allies have expressed priority.

Iran urges the United States to “abandon its destructive methods in response to Resolution 2231”, adding that the United States “violated” The resolution's attempt was "flatly rejected several times."

The statement also added that if the measures taken amount to a “serious violation of the resolutions and purposes of the agreement,” Iran “will

Moscow stated in September that it is prepared to strengthen military cooperation with Tehran, and Beijing has also stated that Willing to sell weapons to Iran after October 18.

Washington insists that it will seek to prevent Iran from buying Chinese tanks and Russian air defense systems.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamed Javad Zarif ( Mohammad Javad Zarif) said in a tweet that the international community has "protected" the nuclear agreement, marking Iran on Sunday "

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