Interruption of vaccination poses a fatal threat to 80 million children: UN – Raw Story The World Health Organization and UNICEF said on Friday that

The coronavirus pandemic puts the lives of tens of millions of children at risk by disrupting routine immunization programs.

United Nations agencies and the Vaccine Alliance Gavi joined forces to warn that the pandemic has severely disrupted vaccination programs in dozens of countries, paving the way for a resurgence of deadly preventable diseases.

"COVID-19 threatens to destroy life-saving immunization services around the world," WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus) Said at the joint press conference.

"This may put tens of millions of children in rich and poor countries at risk of fatal diseases such as diphtheria, measles and pneumonia."

He said that although the world is looking for a safety against new coronaviruses Effective vaccines still need to provide vaccines to prevent other diseases.

“The initial analysis suggested that in at least 68 countries, the provision of routine immunization services was severely hindered, and may affect about 80 million children under one year of age in these countries.” Tedros said.

"Any suspension of child vaccination is

and experts say that in poorer countries, maintaining the structure of a routine vaccination plan is crucial because these networks and the distribution of the final COVID-19 vaccine The network used is the same.

– Innovative solutions –

UNICEF ’s UNICEF says it has suspended measles vaccination campaigns in 27 countries and has polio campaigns in 38 states

UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore said that due to the need to maintain movement, countries have to suspend movement and physical distance is alienated, and some health centers have been overwhelmed by the coronavirus response.

At the same time, Health workers have been redeployed to treat CO VID-19 patients and some parents were unable to take their children to the vaccination site due to limited mobility.

She said that countries need to step up efforts like Laos through vaccination Track unvaccinated children and find innovative solutions

Garvey President Seth Berkley (Seth Berkley) said that countries must do all they can to continue vaccinations.

"If we neglect to make these programs With the supply chain and immunization infrastructure continuing to operate, we may also impair its ability to roll. He said:

He called on countries to conduct in-depth research at the Global Vaccine Donor Summit in London on June 4.

He called on all countries to study in depth. 19659002] According to official news compiled by AFP, this new coronavirus has killed at least 332,000 people since China ’s first outbreak of bird flu in December last year.

At least 5.1 million Tedros said: “With the 5 million COVID-19 cases documented worldwide exceeding 5 million, we recognize the establishment of national unity and global unity to learn from each other The importance of suppressing the virus, ".

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