Instead, the intelligence team will hold election briefings

Washington—The Trump administration has agreed to provide key members of Congress with a face-to-face briefing on the threat of the November election, and last month’s decision only provided this information in writing.

The head of the Expert Panel of the Director of the National Intelligence Agency said that John Ratcliffe agreed to brief the Senate and House Intelligence Committees. This move was made after the Democrats and some Republicans pushed forward vigorously. They said that as the 2020 presidential election approaches, briefings are more important than ever, and Russia said it will try to intervene again as it did four years ago.

Senior Democrat Mark Rubio and Virginia Senator Mark Warner, acting as the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Panel of Experts, stated in a joint statement on Wednesday that Ratcliffe has reiterated that the panel will conduct " Brief reports, including face-to-face briefings."

Rubio told reporters that he hoped to brief the election security next week, although he expressed uncertainty about the timing. A person familiar with the briefing said that Ratcliffe's office has accepted the invitation to brief the group behind closed doors. This person discussed the anonymity of the meeting because it has not been publicly announced.

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, also said in a statement that Ratcliffe's office promised on Wednesday to hold a briefing "after widespread public criticism." Schiff said the expert team is working hard to determine the date and time.

Schiff said, "These briefings by the Intelligence Committee must not exempt all Member States and the American people from the need to properly and accurately report the positive threats to Iraq.

Ratcliffe in August Yue said that most briefings are in writing rather than live broadcast, because he is talking about information leaked from the "all members" meeting held earlier this year. Democrats say this will prevent lawmakers from asking follow-up questions , And allow the government to restrict the information it allows.

Soon after Rubio and Warner issued statements, Ratcliffe claimed that his position remained "unchanged."

"I will continue to report to Congress and intelligence The Oversight Committee provides appropriate updates to enable Congress to fully understand the current situation. "Ratcliffe said in his statement. "In order to protect the sources and methods of the information, the Intelligence Committee will not provide information to all members, but we will strive to provide appropriate updates mainly through written intelligence products."

Ratcliffe met with the leaders of Congress and the head of the Intelligence Committee. Earlier Wednesday, a group known as the "Gang of Eight" received the highest level of intelligence. He said in a statement that he had been with They shared his advice on how the intelligence community could share election updates in the future.

In the summer, the US Counterintelligence Director William Evanina issued a statement saying that US intelligence officials believe that Russia is using various methods ig Destroying Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, people connected with Russian President Vladimir Putin are pushing for the re-election of President Donald Trump.

US Evan Nana wrote that officials also believe that China Don’t want Trump to be re-elected as the second president and intensify criticism of the White House.


Associated Press writers Laurie Kelman, Eric Tucker, and Deb Richman Contributed to this report.[19659015] Mary Claire Jalonic, Associated Press

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