Indian Prime Minister orders a 21-day containment of the virus

New Delhi (AP)-Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in a televised speech that India will begin the world ’s largest blockade on Wednesday, warning citizens to stay inside the house or risk a pandemic And promised $ 2 billion to support the country's troubled healthcare system.

"To save India and every Indian, risk-taking will be completely banned," Modi said on Tuesday evening, acknowledging that the 21-day blockade would cause a major blow to the economy, but insisted that the alternative could make the country back 21 years.

This move puts almost a fifth of the world's population in a blockade.

This announcement caused panic in many communities as people flocked to the market for stock reserves. .

Indian health officials have reported 469 active cases of the virus-caused disease COVID-19, and 10 have died. In many places, police tried to disperse the crowd outside the store. Officials have repeatedly insisted that there is no evidence of local spread, but tests for the disease are relatively rare. In a country where tens of thousands of people live in densely populated urban areas and have no access to clean water, experts say that local spread is inevitable.

For weeks, as coronaviruses swept neighbouring China and the rest of Asia, the number of official infections in India continues to increase in Wuhan, the epicenter of China, with only three students receiving treatment in their hometown of Kerala And recover from the disease.

But since the World Health Organization declared coronavirus as a global pandemic, the Indian government has launched a British Raj era epidemic, giving it a powerful force to curb the disease, and cases have grown rapidly since then. According to Mo Dee said that

In recent days, India has gradually expanded its domestic orders, banned international and domestic flights on its extensive rail system, and suspended passenger services until March 31.

Modi called Tuesday's order a "comprehensive blockade", but did not say whether any service providers would be exempted, but stated that "the central and state governments have taken all steps to ensure the supply of essential goods."

The Home Office says basic services like grocery stores, banks, ATMs and gas stations will remain open. It said that a maximum of 20 people were allowed to attend the funeral.

It is unclear what it means to imprison about 300 million Indians living below the poverty line, according to official data.

Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Modi said that the blockade "has essentially pulled a & # 39; laxman rekha & # 39; on our door", which refers to the Indian epic "Ramayana" Hero draws a line to protect his life.

Wife's residence. "You have to keep in mind that if you leave the house, you can cause serious pandemics, such as coronaviruses."

Indian virologist Dr. T. Jacob John said India was forced to take extremes before a full blockade was announced on Tuesday. Action

"There is time, because the wolf is not yet at the door, so there is time. He said:" Now, today is the wolf in the door, and India should respond calmly with the wolf in the corner.

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