HRW and Johns Hopkins – original story The government of Human Rights Watch (HRW) and President of Johns Hopkins University (19659002) Nicolas Maduro said,

The low number of cases in Venezuela and the number of deaths caused by coronavirus are likely to be false, and may actually be thousands of times the official figure. According to reports by HRW and Johns Hopkins, in a country with a population of 30 million, COVID-19 died in 10 of 1,121 cases, [John900 Hop2] said. Statistics of Madero-absolutely absurd, and not credible. "The head of the HRW Americas Region, Jose Miguel Vivanco, said in a video conference on Tuesday that he introduced the report.

According to real data, the death toll may be close to" at least 30,000. "Catherine Pey, associate professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University Kathleen Page was interviewed by several Venezuelan doctors and nurses.

Vivanco said, “In one

Page, the Venezuelan government reported that it had completed more than 300,000 coronavirus tests, but they used The test is known to return a high percentage of false negatives.

Instead, she estimated that it might infect 1% of the population (about 300,000 people).

Given the available information on the death rate of new coronaviruses in other countries, Peggy said that according to conservative estimates, 30,000 infected people in Venezuela have died, especially because of the fragile medical infrastructure there.

"A surgeon told me that they had to wash their hands from the water where the air conditioner landed, she said.

Venezuela used to be an oil-rich country, but the economic and political crisis hit it hard. The crisis has caused many people to flee the country, and those who are still often witty

Vivanco blasted the government as “suppressing a dictatorship”, not allowing journalists and medical staff to report facts on the ground, and “hiding data”. 19659003] HRW United Nations Director of the Luis Agency Chabonno called on the international community to be accountable to Venezuela.

"We urge the United Nations (Secretary General) Antonio Guterres and the United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Locock to resolve such issues in Venezuela The worrying humanitarian situation makes efforts. ”[他说。19659014] © 2020 AFP

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