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Snus is a tobacco product in Sweden, and some people think it is a safer alternative to smoking. Snuff users do not burn tobacco and inhale smoke, but instead put a small bag of tobacco on their upper lips. These sachets usually carry the flavor of berries, mint, licorice or coffee, and users will usually feel a slight tingling sensation, followed by a soft sensation of nicotine smoke.

Snus is most popular in Sweden and Scandinavia, and also has its well-known British followers including Leicester City and England forward Jamie Vardy in 2016 Europe His hands were smelled at the Cup Championship. Vardy even wrote about the product in his autobiography from Nowhere (19659004), saying that snuff "helped me relax."

Although snuff is now sold in the UK as tobacco An illegal, but smoke-free version of snuff called a "nicotine pouch" is easily ordered online and shipped from Sweden to all parts of Europe. If you want to try this fun alternative to smoking, follow these steps:

  1. Buy smokeless nicotine bags online through sites like Snus Direct all over Europe. There you can choose from a variety of flavors and intensities to fit your color palette.
  2. Nicotine sachets are housed in a small cylindrical case. Unscrew the lid and select one of the pouches. You may need to squeeze a little between your thumb and forefinger to make it fluffy
  3. Place the pouch under the upper lip and then push it up high so that it is above the teeth and as close as possible to the nose (not Will cause no pain of course!)
  4. Enjoy the taste and feeling. Once the taste begins to disappear, the pouches are removed and sanitized-the top of many pouches is specifically designed with a so-called "clip cover" for this purpose.

Nicotine bag flavors can be divided into four categories. Eucalyptus and spearmint such as "fresh"; fruity flavors include sweetness and sweetness; natural to those who like authentic tobacco flavors; and creams like coffee, coffee foam and espresso. Some of them sound really tempting-a bit like cooked sweets you don't want to suck, but just staying under their upper lip for about 15 minutes.

No messy ashtray. No need to step out of the door. No second-hand smoke. Nicotine cigarette bag is an interesting alternative to tobacco and smoking, and may be popular in the UK

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