How Facebook and Twitter legitimized Trump’s absurd conspiracy theory

To avoid misleading the New York Post story, Facebook and Twitter promoted false facts about Biden.

In order to address the growing criticism of the role of social media in disseminating misinformation, Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday prevented users from sharing an article from The New York Post that contained suspected Hunter Biden’s business activities Details Ukraine. Although this move was designed to limit the spread of false information, it caused a controversy and further triggered false statements about "conspiracy against Trump."

To avoid disseminating false information, Facebook and Twitter stirred up a controversy.

The New York Post (NY Post) on bad news

O n Wednesday, October 14 regarded as Trump’s mouthpiece owned by Rupert Murdoch The New York Post (19459006) published a suspicious report citing an e-mail purportedly addressed to President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer. The emails were intended to show that Hunter Biden and Ukrainian officials communicated with his father, then Vice President Joe Biden.

The alleged email was intended to show that Hunter Biden communicated with Ukrainian officials regarding the meeting with his father and then Vice President Joe Biden.

The story contains screenshots of emails copied from allegedly may belong to Hunter Biden's hard drive. This story has been widely discredited by the media, and many red flags and gaps have been seen in the media-the most prominent is the legality of the claimed email.

Watch: The New York Post said it had obtained Hunter Biden’s email in Ukraine

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The Post’s report claimed that the post office’s report was true, except for the accuracy of the communication Outside of sex. The email was recovered from a damaged laptop that was repaired at an unidentified computer repair shop. The owner of the latter was later identified by Business Insider as a fanatical supporter of Trump, and the facts seem to be a mess. In addition, the Senate committee led by the Republican Party previously concluded that Biden did not engage in illegal acts related to Ukraine.

The source of the story was later determined to be a fanatical supporter of Trump.

In general, due to its ambiguous and suspicious claims, the whole story was regarded as "a mean case of generally insufficient news coverage". The two social media giants, Twitter and Facebook, began to restrict the publication of stories within a few hours of their publication.

Twitter and Facebook’s Overenthusiasm

Facebook announced that it will restrict the display of stories on its platforms, which limits the stories that are usually displayed on the user’s news source and elsewhere on Facebook. Facebook’s policy communications manager Andy Stone said in a tweet: “Although I will not intentionally link to the New York Post, I want to make it clear that this story is eligible for third-party fact checking by Facebook The partner conducts a fact check.

At the same time, Twitter prohibits users from posting links to Post stories on their handles. Twitter has always considered this to be a "serious" position and has not provided any explanation for the ban. Twitter does not Provide detailed information about the material in the story that was deemed "hacked," and later stated that the story violated its "hacked material" policy. This policy prohibits the distribution of hacker-obtained content containing private information or trade secrets , Or put people at risk of personal injury.

Facebook and Twitter’s response to these unusually rapid actions has largely caused confusion and criticism.

The New York Post Responding quickly and predictably to the social media giant’s actions, he said: “First the censors, then the questions: For the two most powerful people, this is an outrageous attitude in the United States. The platform used. "Fox News has been reporting this story, and Republicans have severely criticized it, and some even called for investigations into possible violations of campaign finance laws.

The criticism even comes from the camp of false information researchers, International Fact-Checking Network , Issued a statement saying: "Based on some mysterious, opaque standards and unknown methods, the decision to reduce or prevent the distribution of @nypost articles is a serious mistake.

The faltering

aroused further angry critics’ opposition is another Twitter move that temporarily blocked the URL of a website run by Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee, and news on the site has been reposted. Donald Jr. · Trump (Donald Trump Jr.) claimed that the ban on the government website constituted "obvious election interference," and said on Twitter that it was all to protect Joe Biden. The ban was quickly lifted, a Twitter spokesperson said The decision was “wrong.”

The social media giant’s public restrictions on the story, due to the recognized bias of its source and the poor poor, otherwise the story may be ignored. The improvement in the quality of the report is actually Trump’s The promoters provided ammunition, and they incorrectly insisted that social platforms have been opposed to the right. According to The Atlantic: “Perhaps the most frustrating thing about Twitter’s move is that it serves as an anti-conservatism on social platforms. Prejudice brings a certain degree of legitimacy, and this kind of delusion is originally absurd but universal paranoia.

Twitter and Biden colluded with many absurd proposals in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. However, what is more worrying is that this subconscious reaction hinders people’s narratives about restricting fake news, and This aroused suspicion that the disinformation researchers conducted mediation work earlier. Although due to certain chances and well-considered actions, there is no proper background to limit the spread of the story, the details of the New York Post story have been published in two social networks. It was circulated on the media platform that the topic appeared on Twitter’s hot trend on Wednesday. [19659023] The information about Joe Biden (Joe Biden) was out of power, giving us a glimpse of his life support, and his family profited from it. Communist China. Full control of single-party narratives and complete suppression of anti-narratives on social media

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