Hong Kong militants plan to raise new protests against proposed security law – Raw Story

Democrats in Hong Kong called for a new protest on Sunday. This was the anger caused by China ’s proposed new security law. This was their first test. The new security laws worry many people that this will mean the end of the city ’s precious freedom.

Prohibited treason, subversion and incitement to rebellion, and followed Beijing ’s repeated warning that Hong Kong will no longer tolerate objections in Hong Kong. Last year, months of large-scale anti-government protests shook Hong Kong.

According to media sources and social media sources, activists demanded supporters of democracy to gather in one of Hong Kong ’s busiest shopping districts on Sunday afternoon to seek to resume their actions. Previously, these operations were gradually reduced by arrests, and later they were banned from holding large-scale rallies to stop the coronavirus.

"We're back! See you on the street on May 24!" Reading on Saturday near a subway station in Kowloon Tong seems to be fresh graffiti, because people are increasingly worried about the turmoil and turmoil in Hong Kong.

Since the outbreak of protests last year, more than 8,300 people have been arrested.

The planned Sunday protests were detained without official permission at a small rally held at a mall on Mother ’s Day earlier this month, about 200 people were detained. The Hong Kong police warned that it would take action against any unauthorized assembly and listed the current coronaviruses

. It said in a statement on Saturday: "The police will deploy sufficient manpower at the location tomorrow, And take firm law enforcement actions and arrest them as appropriate. "

Due to fears that more people will be arrested and virus-related gatherings are banned, it is unclear how many people will participate or whether there will be more protests Locations.

Hong Kong residents have the right to be invisible on the mainland, including freedom of speech. The agreement was part of the agreement that the British colony handed over to China in 1997, and the city has its own legal system and trading status.

Beijing has been depriving these freedoms and strengthening its control over the city for many years, and activists have described this new proposal as the boldest move to date.

Of particular concern are the regulations that allow Chinese security personnel to operate in Hong Kong.

-"Catastrophic Proposal"-

However, a senior pro-Beijing official claimed on Saturday that mainland law enforcement will not conduct operations in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has not been "approved" by local authorities.

"I am not worried that someone will be arrested by a mainland police officer and then brought back to China for investigation or punishment," Tan Yonglin, a legal counsel in Hong Kong

"This will not, no, will not happen."

Hong Kong's unpopular pro-Beijing leader Lin Zhengyuejin defended the new proposal.

However, people are deeply distrustful of the opaque legal system of Hong Kong, China, and how Beijing uses such regulations in cities-the large-scale protests last year were caused by

The new proposal may be broader than the plan, some Western governments also expressed shock.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged China to reconsider the "catastrophic proposal", saying it "will be the death knell for the high degree of autonomy Beijing has promised to Hong Kong."

The Chinese legislature is expected to stamp the draft resolution on the last day of Thursday. An annual assembly of parliament, and then enrich the details at another meeting later.

Officials have said that the law will be implemented locally.

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