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MP Dan Albas

At the time of writing this week's report in Ottawa, we just passed Bill C-13, "A Bill Respecting Certain Measures in Response to COVID-19," ending Congress ’s special meeting.

Despite some initial challenges and delays, it is reassuring that we were able to reach consensus.

Although I want to share with you the content of this bill, it is even more important to share with you the plan you announced today by passing the measures in C-13.

The plan is the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).

Last week the Prime Minister announced two different COVID-19 jobs. An insurance-like (EI) plan.

"Emergency Care Benefits" and "Emergency Support Benefits."

For Canadians, there are two plans that are complex and require more management.

It also became apparent that, although the best these programs are designed to help Canadians who need them most, they are creating many gaps, leaving Canadians without the help they need at a critical moment.

As a result, these plans are now consolidated into a single plan. The Canadian Emergency Relief Program (CERB) has significantly raised standards to help close the gap in previously announced plans.

CERB is a taxable benefit that provides $ 2,000 per month for workers who lose their jobs for up to four months.

CERB is designed to cover those who are unemployed, ill, quarantined or caring for COVID-19 due to unemployment People and Working Citizens

This plan applies to working class, as well as contract workers and self-employed persons who will not marry other people who are eligible for Employment Insurance (EI).

Another important aspect is that the CERB program will also apply to “workers who are still employed but have no income due to work interruptions due to COVID-19”.

The exact working method has not been determined.

Once the online application portal is opened through a “My CRA” or “My Services Canada” account and the toll-free number has not been determined, the purpose is for eligible applicants to begin receiving it within 10 days of application CERB payment.

The applicant will be paid a CERB payment every four weeks.

What do I think about this?

I highly recommend

However, the federal government acknowledged that the plan announced last week was not a response that Canadians need, but rather a simplified, comprehensive solution that I hope is an effective solution.

Many will know that nearly one million Canadians have applied for EI benefits, most of which are due to layoffs. 19659003] This is the largest unemployment week in Canadian history.

As of this Monday, 143,000 EI claims have been processed, the most ever in a single week.

The current challenge is

which also does not take into account the increase in the number of layoffs that occur every day.

As the official opposition, we are continuing to raise

My question this week:

Do you know if anyone is currently crossing the crack? The need to increase capacity to provide these much-needed services also raises concerns. And needs help?

You can contact me at [email protected] or call toll-free 1-800-665-8711.

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