Hearts youth coach opens after "unpaid vacation" by Capital Club

HEARTS youth coach Declan Fergus climbed to the top of the world after climbing Kilimanjaro on a recent expedition to Africa.

But Jambos, who was short of cash, was taken on unpaid leave and he fell to the ground this week.

Fergus, who mainly works under the age of 13, is one of several coaches who told them that in the foreseeable future, Tyne Castle University will take a series of cost-cutting measures, and the principal Luo Roger Arnott

Fergus traveled to Africa earlier this year to work with local young people

All full-time employees, including owner Daniel Stendel and the entire team, were also removed Told to use 50 people.

Fergus prayed for short-term results to bring long-term benefits to Hearts, so he was determined to return to the club-but he acknowledged it was a bad week. [ 1个9659002] He said: "Wednesday was a disappointing and difficult day for us.

" The staff of the academy were told that we would be on unpaid leave and you would find Roger [Arnott] How big the difficulties are telling us all. He was disturbed by this.

"First-line calls, first-line players, coaches and some very hard-working people made cuts behind the scenes, cutting by 50%.

" I understand Hearts' decision, from a business perspective, they Hard decisions have been made.

"When things are settled, I will return to work for Hearts and hope to recover soon.

" "The decision now means that the club can still put us all right and get them back to work, Let the children play their favorite games and perform their duties in the academy again. "

Although Fergus faces other people's financial problems that are as urgent as anyone else during this period, His first idea was for kids who didn't have football.

And even if he doesn't get a penny from Jambos for this, he wants to help ensure that young people can still hone their skills.

He continued: "It looks like it may not be until summer before we can resume training. This is disappointing enough for me-I am excited about football, this is my life-but for young people This is even more the case.

"They will climb walls without schools, without structured football!

"As far as what we can do for players and parents, we are researching and developing some mini tasks and homework that they can do. If they can do something in the living room or back garden, we will Take a look. You can even do some video analysis.

"I also run a coaching college [Declan Fergus Coaching Academy]where I provide private and additional training, and I will also study whether I am capable of doing some one-course, Follow all guidelines and precautions at the same time.

"It's important to keep the kids active and engaged."

When considering how much the world has changed last month, Fergus made himself a miserable smile.

Fergus meets with local children

Until February, he enjoyed a lifetime trip to South Africa and Tanzania, organized training courses for local young people, established partnerships with charities, and distributed Hearts Toolkit

He added: "In early February, I was still in Africa without worries. Every day is a new experience and adventure, so exciting and positive. Now, a month later;

" I I have been away for four weeks, first in South Africa, then Tanzania. We have partnered with local charities and schools, distributed some Scottish and Red Heart medals to our children, and conducted a one-month free training course-just to give something back.

"That is the best trip I have ever been in. These children don't have much money, especially in Tanzania, but when the ball comes out, they are full of happiness, joy and smile, not everyone The purity of having a mobile phone or brand-name equipment.

"If all this is a small thing, maybe when we return to normal, the children here will have the same excitement to see the football field again!

The African adventure also provided Fergus with the opportunity to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. It is the highest peak on the African continent and the highest independent mountain in the world. This is an extraordinary journey.

at the K2 summit Fergus

company and said: "I will sort the discounted prices for you! "I managed a private tour, only four days from the summit.

" Living in Kilimanjaro for a few days and working your way is incredible and testing your limits. This is one of the best things I have ever done.

"It's really a strange feeling, because it takes all the time to reach the top of the mountain, and then stay on the top for 15 minutes, because it is so cold and dangerous." 19659002] "But I hope You can instill this adrenaline and sense of accomplishment when you reach the summit.

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