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Acapulco, known for its beaches, sun and cliff divers, has quickly become a hot spot for the escalating COVID-19 outbreak in Mexico. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (19659003) said: "There is a place, the only place, Acapulco, we need to pay close attention and immediately expand the workload of the hospital "

Many COVID-19 patients had to wait for up to five patients. A Red Cross medical worker who asked not to be named told Reuters that he would be taken to the hospital in a few hours.

Medical staff said, "Some people were killed in our ambulance."

"Acapulco's medical system


Malaysian health authorities reported 10 new cases of coronavirus on Thursday, with a cumulative total of 7,629 cases. The Ministry of Health reported no new cases The total number of deaths was 115.


A Siberian zoo closed off tourists for more than two months due to the use of a new coronavirus, prompting baby boomers in animals. Of newcomers include the rare Egyptian goslings, reindeer calves, llama creas and a brown crying capuchin monkey.

Cancer patients

COVID who has received a combination of drugs -19 cancer patients

American researchers reported on Thursday that the death rate of coronavirus advocated by US President Donald Trump within 30 days is the death rate of people who use only one drug Three times.

Preliminary results suggest that doctors may not wish to prescribe prescriptions for these decades. Until more research is done, the old malaria antibiotic azithromycin treatment of hydroxychloroquine has been used in these patients. ] Wednesday Coronary Artery News and Updates


As many as 6% of Canadians ’Canadian Research Association ’s latest polls show that adults-probably 1.8 million people-think they have COVID- 19 or think they currently have COVID-19, but have not been tested for marketing.

Despite repeated urging from politicians and public health officials, the same group of Canadians behaved as those who thought they had never been infected with the virus It is no different.

As of about noon, Canada had 96,939 laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases, resulting in 6,671 deaths.


Canadian cyber defense agencies have identified more than 1,500 websites falsely impersonating the Canadian government COVID-19 page to defraud Canadians. In some cases, cyber threat participants used software such as ransomware to extort money from medical organizations such as medical clinics and hospitals.

Great Outdoors

More than half of Canada ’s national parks—including Banff in Alberta, the Pacific Rim of British Columbia and Bray in Nova Scotia Cape Breton Highlands will reopen on June 1. Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson (Jonathan Wilkinson) said that 29 of the 48 national parks will be open for daytime use and use of toilets.

"This is an opportunity to enable people, especially those living near national parks, to leave the natural world at a natural distance," he told the Canadian News Agency.

For you who do n’t have Greece

Canadians who want Greece to escape the summer may have to wait longer, after Greece exempted Canada from the recently released list of low COVID-19 countries, holidaymakers Can come to Canada to visit. Last week, the country ’s tourism ministry released a “white list” that lists 20 countries / regions. Scientists have judged that from June 15 onwards, the rate of coronavirus infection has dropped enough to allow tourists to enter the Aegean resort To the point.

According to reports from Greek journalists, including China, Japan, Australia, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Germany, Cyprus, Israel, Denmark, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic ,Slovakia.


The number of new COVID-19 cases reported in Ontario for the second consecutive day was 292, compared with a total of 400 weeks per day most of the time most recently. At the same time, the detection of viruses increased significantly on the last day, from 9,875 to 15,133 on the previous day. The province also recorded 32 deaths, increasing the number of COVID-19 deaths in Ontario to 2,155.

The provincial government extended the emergency order for COVID-19 until June 9. Pandemic and keep controlling the progress of coronavirus. Current orders include closure of playgrounds, swimming pools, bars and restaurants, except takeaways and delivery. The emergency order also limited the gathering to five people.

The order was last extended until May 12 to June 2. Ontario has been in a state of emergency since March 17.

On Tuesday, it seemed somewhat shaken that Prime Minister Doug Ford said that the Ontario Chief Coroner will investigate allegations against the province ’s long-term nursing home in a military report and may initiate criminal proceedings. "There will be accountability. Ford will say at a briefing in Queens Park.

But the shocking details of the military report are not surprising, and they do not feel that observers and critics of Ontario ’s long-term care system Accident. The nursing homes in the province have long been accused of being neglected for many years. It has shocked the family to witness the suffering, fear and inadequate care of their loved ones.

The following is a list of some allegations in the long-term military report: regular nursing homes.


In a speech to the City Council on Wednesday, Dr. Vera Etches stated that the number of confirmed cases in institutions and communities continues to decline, and this number is also declining that cannot be related to known virus exposure. Situation. The number of hospitalizations is declining, and the occupancy rate of the intensive care unit is also declining.

"We are in a state of loss, but the security is very small," said Edges. "We are in the orange area, where we no longer say & # 39; Just stay at home & # 39 ;. It ’s important that people start working, they start using services.

OPH reported 14 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, for a total of 1,922 laboratory confirmed cases. There are currently 238 deaths, three more than the previous report, and there are currently 38 Ottawa COVID-19 residents hospitalized. 19 outbreaks continued in the organization.

Another resident tested positive in the Peter D. Clark nursing facility operating in the city of Nepean. According to a memo from the city ’s general manager of community and social services, Donna Gray, this brings the total number of positive residents to 21, of which 18 staff members also tested positive. So far, 4 residents and 1 staff member have died at home.

GLOBAL COVID-19 news and updates

The number of deaths in the United States reached 100,000

Even if the average daily number of deaths in the United States fell, companies reopened and Americans rose due to the national blockade, the death of new coronavirus The number of people still exceeded 100,000 on Wednesday. On average, about 1,400 Americans die every day in May, which is lower than the peak of the outbreak in April, when an average of 2,000 people died every day.


Mexico recorded 501 new deaths. On Tuesday, the number of deaths from coronavirus was the largest single-day increase, as the increase in new cases also set a record. Health authorities said at a news conference that the country ’s total number is currently 74,560 coronaviruses and 8134 deaths.


From May 30th, cinemas and movie theaters will allow Poles to go out without protective masks. The government said on Wednesday that theaters and stadiums will reopen on June 6. Part of the restrictions that were phased out to stop the spread of new coronaviruses. Up to 150 people will be allowed to meet in public in the next few days, and this firm Catholic country will also relax restrictions on the number of churches. Poland, a country with a population of 38 million, has reported 22,074 cases of respiratory disease COVID-19 caused by the new coronavirus, with 1,024 deaths, far fewer than other major European countries.

Switzerland [19459007

The Swiss government said that from June 6, it will once again allow public and private events for up to 300 people and allow spontaneous parties for up to 30 people, because COVID- The 19 pandemic showed signs of weakening, further relaxing restrictions. The government will decide on June 24 whether the ban on activities for up to 1,000 people will also be lifted. The government said in a statement on Wednesday that it was not until the end of August that there could be a major event with more than 1,000 participants.


China reported that there was one newly diagnosed coronavirus case on the mainland. According to the report of the National Health Commission, as of May 26, this number was 7 days earlier than the day before. Has increased. It also reported 28 new asymptomatic cases (infected patients who did not show symptoms), compared with 29 cases a day ago. The newly confirmed cases are imported cases. All seven reported a day ago were also imported. To date, the total number of cases in mainland China is 82,993. The number of deaths remained unchanged at 4,634.


The reduction in the number of active coronavirus cases in Australia and New Zealand paved the way for the relaxation of travel restrictions between the two countries, health officials said on Wednesday. In Australia, the number of active COVID-19 cases has fallen to less than 500 people, and the last Coronavirus patient in New Zealand was discharged on Wednesday.

"An anti-Tasman bubble is definitely possible," said Paul Kelly, deputy chief medical officer of Australia.


The Spanish Ministry of Health said on Wednesday that Spain had recorded 27,118 deaths from coronavirus. Data from the Ministry of Health shows that since the outbreak, only 39 deaths have been reported in the past seven days, and a total of 236,769 cases have been found since the outbreak. The government warns that as authorities retroactively adopt new methods to record cases and deaths, the data may fluctuate in the coming days.

Arabian Gulf countries

Coronavirus case data from six Gulf states in the Gulf Reuters statistics have doubled this figure to more than 200,000 in less than a month , While the two largest economies in the region were resuming activity. Coronavirus infection in energy-producing areas exceeded the 100,000 mark on May 11, initially related to travel, but then spread to low-income migrant workers in overcrowded areas, prompting authorities to step up testing.

Saudi Arabia


Russia said on Wednesday that the most affected areas will be lifted in three stages, and the last curfew will be completely ended on June 21.


In the past 24 hours, 161 people have died of coronavirus, bringing the national death toll to 3,968. Officials reported 8,338 new cases on Wednesday, bringing the total number of cases in Russia to 370,680.

President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Moscow was the epicenter of the Russian coronavirus outbreak and had successfully stopped what he said was the worst-case scenario.

French ban on hydroclonidine treatment of COVID-19

The French government canceled a decree on Wednesday that allows hospital doctors to use hydroxychloroquine for serious patients. The form of the disease COVID-19 caused by the new coronavirus. The announcement came two days after the World Health Organization said it had suspended large-scale trials of malaria drugs for safety reasons.

The British Medical Journal "The Lancet" reported that patients taking hydroxychloroquine had increased mortality and arrhythmia, and the drug as a treatment for COVID-19 had a series of other disappointing results. US President Donald Trump and others have used hydroxychloroquine as a possible coronavirus treatment in recent months.

The number of French coronavirus deaths rose by less than 100 for the seventh consecutive day on Wednesday, which reinforces the hope that the worst hopes for this pandemic have passed. country. The French Ministry of Health said the death toll rose by 66, or 0.2%, to 28,596, the fourth highest total in the world.

 On Wannsee Lido, urine is partially blocked to maintain a hygienic distance. On the opening day of the swimming pool season, on May 25, 2020, coronavirus disease (COVID-19) broke out in Berlin, Germany. REUTERS / Fabrizio Bensch ORG XMIT: MDA09
at Wannsee sees urine being partially blocked to maintain hygiene distance May 25, 2020, Berlin, Germany, occurred on the opening day of the swimming pool season in Lido Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). FABRIZIO BENSCH / REUTERS

Tuesday ’s update

Alleged Abuse

Due to the new coronavirus, staff members of long-term nursing homes in the Canadian Army reported suspected abuse The case of the elderly. An official report said on Tuesday that soldiers in nursing homes saw staff leaving people in soiled diapers and ignored calls for help and reuse of unsterilized equipment. In Canada, nursing homes account for approximately 80% of all new coronavirus deaths. The two most populous provinces, Ontario and Québec, are in dire straits. [14009003] The Armed Forces report on the five most affected houses in Ontario showed that residents were soiled with diapers and “dung polluted.” Cockroaches and ants in the ward. It said: "At a certain moment," the patient was observed crying and asked the staff to not respond within 30 minutes to two hours. "

" This is the most sad thing I have read in my life The report, "Doug Ford, the Prime Minister of Ontario, is on the verge of tears.

Is the truth clear?

Half of Canadians think they have not received information about COVID-19 from the government A new poll showed that some people still believe in conspiracy theories about the origin of new coronaviruses. The latest survey by Legg and the Canadian Research Association found that 50% of the respondents believed that the government deliberately concealed the new coronaviruses. The pandemic message that the virus has killed thousands of people and brought the economy to a standstill.

"The shocking Leger Vice President Christian Bourque said.

The Canadian economy and the second wave

Canada cannot completely shut down the economy According to a group of scholars and executives led by the former Governor of the Bank of Canada, if a second wave of coronavirus occurs. C.D. ’s new report The Howe Institute warned the Liberal government not to “turn a one-off deficit into a structural deficit” when Canada emerged from the first wave of COVID-19, and urged Ottawa to “restore fiscal manipulation space” as soon as possible.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supports Monday ’s national request for ten days ’paid sick leave in order to gain New Democrats’ support for this summer ’s congressional freedom plan . NDP leader Jagmeite Singh said at a press conference: "We need the government's commitment to provide paid sick leave to all Canadians."


Ottawa family members The family Madonna Care Community is now part of the proposed class action lawsuit against two major companies operating long-term care homes in Ontario. Among the representative plaintiffs is Angel Mansfield, whose father was a resident of the Madonna care community and died of COVID-19. He is a representative of Sienna's negligence and breach of contract. Mansfield said: "My father's life has shortened." "They are responsible for him and there are too many cracks in their actions." The proposed lawsuit is suing each company for $ 50 million. The allegations have not been confirmed in court.

Ottawa Public Health said there were only seven new cases in the city, and one other person died. There are now 1,908 laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases in the city, including 235 deaths.


The number of new COVID-19 cases in Ontario increased by only 287 on Tuesday, an increase of 1.1%. This happened after an increase of more than 400 cases per day for nearly a week. 21 people were reported dead, bringing the total number of COVID-19 deaths in the province to 2123. Among these people, 1,335 deaths (62.9%) occurred in long-term nursing homes. There are currently 26,191 COVID-19 cases in the province, of which 19,958, or 76.2%, are considered resolved. If 14 days have passed since the onset of symptoms, the case is considered resolved.

The Ontario school wants your opinion

The Ontario Ministry of Education is seeking comments on how to run the school in September, and the building is expected to reopen. The public can send comments about the Ministry ’s “Continuous Learning Framework” document, which drafts a tentative plan.

Medical examination

Children are not super communicators

According to more and more research, children are not easy to be infected with COVID-19, nor worry that super communicators will worry Yourself. Despite some rare but serious complications, children in Canada and around the world are least affected by COVID-19.

The second peak

Countries with a decline in coronavirus infection may face "The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday that if they take premature measures to stop the outbreak, they will immediately Reached the second peak. Dr. Mike Ryan, WHO's emergency director, said: "We must also be aware of the fact that this disease may skyrocket at any time. "We cannot make the assumption that this disease is declining continuously, and that it will continue to decline."

Children and masks

Children under two years of age should not wear Japanese medical organizations. Masks will make breathing difficult and increase the risk of suffocation, and reopened in Japan from the coronavirus crisis. An urgent appeal was issued to parents.

"Masks may make breathing difficult because the air passages of babies are narrow. The association said," This will increase their heart burden and increase masks will also increase the risk of heat stroke in young people. [19659014] Global Update

The UK has nearly 50,000 deaths

The number of COVID-19 deaths in the UK on Tuesday exceeded 47,000, which is really a heavy labor cost and can confirm the position of Boris Johnson as prime minister.

Country The Bureau of Statistics stated that there were 42,173 deaths in England. As of May 15, Wales and Wales suspected of COVID-19 brought the total number of Britain to 47,343, including earlier data from Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as the number of recent hospital deaths in England

Nearly 50,000 people were killed, highlighting the status of the UK


The cumulative death toll from coronavirus infections in France on Tuesday increased by 73 or 0.3% to 28,530, the same as before The one-day growth rate is similar. Although the health department resumed its consideration of nursing home data after a four-day interruption. The Ministry of Health said in a statement that the death toll in the hospital increased by 83 to 18,195. However, the number of deaths in nursing homes has The revision is 10,335, which is 10 fewer than the number of deaths last published.


The death toll in Italy increased by 78 points on Tuesday, compared with 92 points the day before, the Civil Defense Agency said The daily total of new cases increased from 300 on Monday to 397. The agency said the total number of deaths since the outbreak on February 21 is currently 32,955, second only to the United States and the United Kingdom, and the third highest in the world The number of confirmed cases is 230,555, second only to the United States, Brazil, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom, which is the sixth highest in the world. The agency said that of the 60 million people, 2.253 million people were tested for the virus. On Monday, it was 2.219 million.

Amendments to Spain

The Spanish Ministry of Health reported on Tuesday that 27,117 people have died of coronavirus since the outbreak. The Ministry of Health said the confirmed virus The number of cases reached 236,259. On Monday, the government was checking After the data provided by various regions reduced the cumulative death toll of the country by nearly 2,000, the move caused sharp criticism from the political opposition.

Indonesia, Indonesia

After the Indonesian military ordered people in the world ’s fourth most populous country to watch them, thousands of soldiers and police were deployed on Tuesday to perform masks and safe alienation Provisions.

Even if coronavirus cases continue to surge, the number of infections in Southeast Asian countries is now nearly 23,000, and the number of deaths is 1,391. People often ignore measures to stop the spread of the pandemic.

Recreation in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia will begin to relax restrictions on travel this week, and has adopted strict measures to curb the spread of the new coronavirus for more than two months. The National News Agency said in a statement earlier on Tuesday that the ban would be lifted in three phases, and that the final curfew would be completely ended from June 21 (except the Holy City of Mecca). Social gatherings of more than 50 people including weddings and funerals are still prohibited.

Saudi Arabia has recorded 74,795 cases of COVID-19 so far, of which 399 have died. More than 2,000 cases are still reported every day.

Real death toll in Mexico

Mexican health officials reported 2485 new coronavirus cases and 239 deaths on Monday, bringing the country ’s total to 71,105 and 7,633, respectively. An analysis by independent researchers on Monday showed that the death toll in the Mexican capital during the first five months of this year was 8,072 more than the average for the same period in the past four years, which indicates that the coronavirus may surge.


As Brazil ’s daily COVID-19 death rate climbs to the highest level in the world, a study by the University of Washington warns that its total death toll may rise by early August Five times, to 125,000, which further exacerbated concerns about Brazil and became a new hot spot in the pandemic.

The University of Washington Institute for Health Indicators and Evaluation (IHME) forecast was released on Monday when Brazil ’s daily death toll rose to exceed that of the United States.


  SC Charleston-May 24: The revellers participated in the Make Make America Great Again cruise parade on May 24, 2020 in Charleston, South Carolina. A post on Facebook pointed to the incident, which was originally scheduled to start at the US Coast Guard gas station at the battery station in downtown Charleston and traveled upwind of the coastal port. The incident was hosted by the marine supply store OSR Marine. (Photo by Sean Rayford / Getty Images)
Charleston, South Carolina – May 24: The revellers participated in the “again” held in Charleston, South Carolina on May 24, 2020 Make America Great "Boat Parade. A post on Facebook pointed out that the incident was originally scheduled to start at the US Coast Guard gas station on the battery in downtown Charleston and sailed towards the port, hosted by the marine supply store OSR Marine. Sean Rayford / Getty Images

US numbers climbed and reopened

According to Reuters statistics according to official reports, there are more than 1.6 million cases in the United States , Nearly 100,000 people died.

All 50 states have relaxed the corona virus restrictions to some extent. In some states, such as Illinois and New York, restaurants are still closed for face-to-face dining, while hair salons are still closed. In many southern states, most businesses have opened, but capacity is limited.

Vacationers flock to Lake Ozark during the holiday weekend, and the Missouri Yacht Club, outdoor bar and resort pool are packed with alienated social norms of tourist hot spots. A beachfront organization hosted a pool party on Saturday called "Zero Ducks Given", which included DJs and live bands. The Facebook page described the event as a summer start-up party and showed that nearly 400 people attended.

Last week, 11 states reported record new cases of COVID-19, including Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, New Hampshire. According to Reuters statistics, Maryland, Maine, Nevada, Nevada, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin.

The White House has announced that travel from Brazil to the United States has been banned because of the spread of coronavirus in Latin America, which is the hardest hit country in Latin America. Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said the ban applies to foreigners who had lived in Brazil 14 days before attempting to travel to the United States. Trump has banned travel from the UK, Europe and China, all of which have been hit hard by the virus.

 Brasilia, Brazil-May 24: Supporters of Brazilian President Jal Bolsonaro yelled during a demonstration to support his government in Brasilia, Brazil on May 24, 2020 Coronavirus pandemic occurred in front of the Palace of Planaltu. There are more than 352,000 confirmed coronavirus positive cases and 22,291 deaths in Brazil. (Photo by Andressa Anholete / Getty Images)
On May 24, 2020, in Brasilia, Brazil, supporters of Brazilian President Jal Bolsonaro cried out during a demonstration to support his government ’s Corona virus pandemic support. Anholete / Getty Images

The latest Canada


The federal government has adopted new measures to make it easier for international students and other temporary foreign residents to obtain emergency relief, which It is another sign that Ottawa is determined to pay this sum quickly and extensively.

Such short-term immigrants only need to say that they have a valid work permit or have applied for a renewal to obtain the Canadian Emergency Relief Fund (CERB). This is a memorandum sent to the staff who requested the review this week.


Ontario, until last Thursday, they must email images of their valid work or work / study permit to the Canadian Department of Employment and Social Development, or confirm them An expired image has been requested for renewal. Prime Minister Doug Ford announced that as the number of cases in the province continues to increase, asymptomatic people can be tested for COVID-19 on Sunday, while officials criticized thousands of people crowded in Toronto parks. The Prime Minister said that large-scale testing is the best anti-virus method in the province, and the only way to increase the province's testing capacity is to let people go to the provincial evaluation center.

If you are worried that you have COVID-19, or Ford said in a television speech on Sunday: "Even if you do not show symptoms, you may have been exposed to COVID-19."

"You will not be Rejected,

Ontario reported 404 new cases of COVID-19 today and another 29 deaths. The total number of the province reached 25,904, of which 2,102 people died and 19,698 resolved cases. The new cases are higher than Sunday The total increased by 1.6%. On the previous day, only 8,170 tests were completed, which is the eighth consecutive day that Ontario failed to meet its goal of 16,000 goals per day, and far exceeded its goal of exceeding 21,000. [19659003] Provincial health officials have not yet explained the reason behind it just in case. However, Toronto Chief Medical Officer Dr. Elin de Vera told reporters on Friday that the most recent celebration during Mother ’s Day on May 10 may be The number of daily cases in the city has increased from 92 on May 18 to 258 on May 22.


Québec Prime Minister Francois Legault The briefing this afternoon said that 573 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded, bringing the total to 47,987. 85 new deaths were reported. The death toll is now 4,069. In view of this week ’s heat wave forecast for Montreal, the province said it is working hard Develop a plan to keep seniors in long-term care homes cool while avoiding more outbreaks.


Ottawa Monday, public health reported 1 new death and 5 New COVID-19 cases. These figures bring the city ’s total number of cases to 1,901 and the number of deaths to 234. Ottawa ’s hospitals have 35 people receiving treatment for the disease. Eastern Ontario ’s health department reported 144 confirmed cases, including Three people were hospitalized, two of whom underwent intensive care. Eleven people died in eastern Ontario. 20 confirmed cases and one death in Renfrew County.

Global Update

Brazil [19659003] Brazil is the second largest coronavirus hotspot in the world after the United States. It recorded 653 new coronavirus deaths on Sunday. The Ministry of Health said that the total number of deaths reached 22666. The Ministry of Health said that Brazil has confirmed 363,211 cases , An increase of 15,813 cases from Saturday.

There are no more locking measures for Belgium

Belgium will no longer take severe measures against the coronavirus explosion in the past two months The Minister of Internal Affairs said that even the second wave of COVID-19 cases occurred. In mid-March, the country of 11.5 million people actually closed, and only stores selling food and pharmacies opened, although other activities steadily resumed in May, including the reopening of non-food stores.

"If there is a second store that fluctuates, then I think we will find ourselves in another situation, namely testing and tracking. But I think we can rule out the possibility that we will have to take difficult measures." Belgium, where the headquarters of the European Union and NATO are located, is one of the hardest hit countries in Europe, with a total of 57,092 cases of COVID-19 and 9,280 deaths.

United Kingdom

The number of deaths caused by confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK on Monday. Official data showed that the number of tourists has increased to 36,914 compared with the previous day.

Spanish asset tourists start booking

Spain urged foreign tourists to return to Europe from July onwards, becoming one of the European tourist resorts, the strictest confinement measures have been eased, and the streets are gradually paved Full, some students returned to school. The world ’s second most visited country closed its gates and beaches in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in March, but has seen the worst and plans to cancel the 14-day quarantine for overseas immigrants within a few weeks Claim.

"Minister of Tourism Reyes Maroto told the radio station Onda Cero that Spain is stepping up efforts to save the tourism industry, which usually attracts 80 million people every year. Spain has recorded 28,752 cases Coronavirus deaths and 235,772 cases, but the number of daily deaths last week fell to less than 100.


The death toll caused by the outbreak of a new Swedish coronavirus on Monday, the US public Statistics released by the Department of Health show that China ’s HIV has exceeded 4000. The data published on the agency ’s website shows that the death rate of COVID-19 caused by the new coronavirus has increased from 3,998 to 4,029 a day ago, and the diagnosis The number of cases has risen from 33,459 to 33,843.


Iceland relaxed its national alert for coronavirus on Monday, allowing public parties of up to 200 people and nightclubs and gyms to reopen because The country has fully recovered from the epidemic.

This North Atlantic country has restricted the spread of the virus through rigorous testing and tracing strategies and comprehensive blockade measures. 1,804 infections and 10 deaths have been confirmed. However, 5 Only 5 new cases were reported in January, and more than 99% of those infected have recovered. Public gatherings of up to 200 persons will be allowed and a two-meter social distancing rule has become optional, but still recommended by authorities.


French authorities reported the smallest daily rise in new coronavirus cases and deaths on Sunday since before a lockdown began on March 17, raising hopes that the worst of the epidemic is over in France. According to the Ministry ’s data, the number of confirmed cases increased by 115 to 144,921, and the number of deaths increased by 35 to 28, In 367 cases, the two statistics only increased by 0.1%. The weekend totals for new cases and deaths were also both the lowest since France began easing its strict coronavirus restrictions on May 11.

 A medical specialist walks past personal protective equipment (PPE) in the hospital No. 1 named after NI Pirogov will Treatment of patients with COVID-19 (COVID-19) in Moscow, Russia on May 23, 2020. Kirill Zykov / Moscow News Agency / Note to editors via REUTERS-The image has been provided by a third party. Mandatory credit. ORG XMIT: MOS003
A medical specialist walks past personal protective equipment (PPE) in the hospital No. 1 named after NI Pirogov, which delivers treatment to patients infected with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Moscow, Russia May 23, 2020 Moscow News Agency / via REUTERS


Cases of the coronavirus in Russia climbed to 353,427 on Monday, having risen by 8,946 in the past 24 hours, the country's coronavirus crisis response centre said. It said the number of fatalities had risen by 92 overnight, taking the overall nationwide death toll from the virus to 3,633.


India on Monday posted its biggest single-day jump in cases of COVID-19, overtaking Iran to become one of the 10 worst-hit nations, even as the government allowed domestic air travel to restart.

India reported another 6,977 cases, taking its total to 138 , 845, according to government data, despite the world ’s longest lockdown imposed in March by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The total number of deaths has exceeded 4,000. The rise in new cases came as some businesses and travel reopened under a new phase of the national coronavirus lockdown.


The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany increased by 289 to 178,570, data from the Robert Koch Institute for infectious diseases showed on Monday. The reported death toll rose by 10 to 8,257, the data showed.


Mexican health officials on Sunday reported 2,764 new cases of the novel coronavirus and 215 deaths, bringing the totals to 68,620 and 7,394, respectively.


Chile's healthcare system is under strain and “very close to the limit,” President Sebastian Pinera said on Sunday, as the number of confirmed novel coronavirus infections approaches 70,000 after a rapid increase in recent days. The Ministry of Health reported 3,709 new cases on the last day, bringing the total to 69,102. The death toll is at 718. Chile, the world’s top copper producer, confirmed its first case of coronavirus in early March and surpassed 50,000 infections this week.

A Chinese employee works on the interior of an Airbus A220 aircraft at a factory in Shenyang in China's northeastern Liaoning province on May 25, 2020. (Photo by STR / AFP) / China OUT (Photo by STR/AFP via Getty Images)
A Chinese employee works on the interior of an Airbus A220 aircraft at a factory in Shenyang in China’s northeastern Liaoning province on May 25, 2020. STR/AFP via Getty Images


China reported 11 new confirmed coronavirus cases in the mainland as of end-May 24, up from three a day earlier, the National Health Commission reported.该委员会在一份声明中说,所有新感染病例都是涉及海外旅行者的进口病例。 To date, the total number of cases in mainland China is 82985. The death toll remains unchanged at 4,634.


First indications of the effectiveness of a potential vaccine against coronavirus may be available in the autumn, the head of the GAVI vaccine alliance told a Swiss newspaper, forecasting a long road from there to broad availability.

“Unfortunately, we really do not know which vaccine will work and whether there will be one at all. If we’re lucky, we’ll receive indications in autumn as to (a potential vaccine’s) effectiveness,” GAVI head Seth Berkley told NZZ am Sonntag in an interview published on Sunday.

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