Game inbox: Are Sony PlayStation exclusive products too similar?

Ghost Of Tsushima – Is the stretching formula too thin? (Photo: Sony)

Monday inbox would like to know how to publish two comedy golf games in the same week, because one reader thinks that DLC is almost not worth it.

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of this list I watched the game screen of "Ghost of the Horse" (note that Microsoft, they "disclose" "Game Screen"), and the graphics effects provided in the game are surprising and disappointing

I do n’t want to take anything away from the artistic effort Sucker Punch put into the game, but cleverly “follow the wind” , Looking for flames and "animals that guide animals" in the distance. "The way" seems to be like a fable in the novel, following the golden breadcrumbs that began to appear in the fable. The map is vast, as far as I know, it looks beautiful, but dotted with familiar icons, they represent this generation The main missions, side missions, and hidden goals / items in many games released by Sony.

Battles look exciting, and it ’s unclear how the Samurai Ward works with its luxurious animations and fast one-hit kills, But the appearance of the incognito area is exactly the same as the multiple open world incognito events that my generation likes / endures on PlayStations. I ca n’t imagine how difficult it is to write a decent invisible game in an open world title, but I can see me Will spend a lot of time hiding in the long grass again.

There are exquisite lens editing scenes, great voice actors (especially the Japanese voice actors), and promise to tell an exciting story and long pursuit … but …

I am excited about this.

The problem is not the quality of the game, I am very confident that it It ’s a good review, but it ’s similar to Sony ’s other first-party products. To be honest, I think their familiarity with the game is starting to weaken my enthusiasm for them.

I do n’t want to be unfair to Sony, they are released by this generation A variety of games, but a game with a high market budget

Third-person adventure, may be an open world, where there are portable role-playing mechanisms, high-level stories, voice actors and tailored scenes, excellent Pictures and fascinating but slightly superficial gameplay … Go ahead and guess which title I am talking about.

With the sequel to all the first hit albums released by Sony for PlayStation 5, I hope we can Some experiments have been seen in Sony's studios. They have shown their best in single-person third-person action adventure games for five years, if some of these talented teams can bring their expertise to others I will like it in the genre.
DarKerR (gamertag) / DarKerR -UK (PSN ID)

Want to win money
About Zhou ’s Reader ’s Digest, I disagree a little because of one word: In the seven years after the Xbox series was released, investors really think that Phil Spencer X and PlayStation 5 will come out and will tell the board that it looks like we lost 1,000 Billions of dollars, but our sales are four times that of Sony? No, his pace is faster than pit stops. This is information about balance, the right price, and the right game. That ’s what to sell.

] Do n’t get me wrong, the Xbox Series X sounds like a beast, but as we all know, the more you invest, the price will rise. For me, Xbox does not consider the price. Their main goal is to be powerful, just to defeat Sony and to advertise the most powerful game console in the world.

Yes, they can sell at a loss and wait for Xbox Live to recharge, but how long will it take? We just need to wait and see to see when Sony will share them and then come out.
PS: Please note that the figure of 100 billion US dollars suddenly appeared in my mind and may not be the exact price.

GC: You did n’t say that. Microsoft spent $ 1.15 billion to pay for the repair costs caused by "Red Ring of Death". We have every reason to think that they will pay even more to ensure the rule of this generation. Losing sales is usually the standard strategy in gaming and business.

No increase
I am increasingly inclined to think that DLC is not worth it. I just finished the first play of Bioshock: Infinite and its DLC Burial At Sea. The main game is very interesting, especially the beautiful artistic design makes me fall in love more than once. This story is clearly another attractive place, with attractive characters, interesting scenes, and unexpected endings. I am very satisfied with my experience. Then, I played "Burial at Sea".

Although it is good to play, the story is ridiculous. It mistakenly tried to link the program with the original "Bioshock", thus completely destroying the protagonist's role, ending and internal logic. DLC unbelievably managed to destroy the legacy of its parent game, which reduced my consideration of the entire game. If it never exists, it would be better.

DLC not only causes damage, but also has no story. Another recent example is Frost Punk. I absolutely love this game, it has a bright aesthetic and delicate system, and it may still be my favorite game this year. It presents a compelling challenge that keeps you on the verge of disaster without impunity. Then I even started to play integrated DLC without realizing it. It became cruel to the point of extreme frustration. I started to hate games because it abused me over and over again.

Obviously, there are many excellent DLC examples, such as "Bloody Hunter", but even then, would it be better to put energy into a brand new game? Appropriate sequel or something completely different. Maybe "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2" if Nintendo skipped the original version of the mixed quality DLC has already been released. I just couldn't help but feel that DLC caused more damage than benefits, without it, the game would be better.
Ryan O & # 39; D
PS: I should say that one exception is multiplayer games like Mario Kart and Splatoon. I am still waiting for Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 3, but even so, I still replace it with the new F-Zero.

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It seems that publishers are again arranging their games like blindfolded darts. We recently moved away and packed things up! It was released together because the over-family style furniture disassembly game is obviously like a bus.

Now, what do I see in "Golf"? He Golf and your friends appeared on the Switch within a few days. Their appearance may not be the same as deleting the game, but the timing is still very poor. Just like The Bug & # 39; s Life vs. Antz.

Personally, what would I choose "Golf"? As I can see, it looks interesting. Golf and your friends can wait for a comment / have a chance to play some virtual mini golf in the same room with others.

I would like to recommend a small game called Switch Together called Switch Together. Your train route has a smaller stereo image. Use the face button to stop and start the train and D-pad to switch tracks. There are many levels in the game, and as long as it restarts quickly, it has the appeal of "coming again". Jumping in and out easily reminds me that Mini Metro is an excellent handheld game that can be played while watching TV.
Euclidian Boxes

Routine procedures in the morning
Hi GC, I hope you are well, thank you for keeping me entertained and allowing me to participate in daily activities every day, please read it to you while I have breakfast . This is a very difficult period, and my anxiety may get worse on some days, but reading you is indeed a great distraction, which will temporarily make me concentrate. I'm sure many readers will feel the same way. So, thank you very much, we hope things will get better and get better soon.

I just want to ask if you are commenting on "Golf"? Do I think the content on Switch will be released this week? I have heard good news about this matter.
SteJFin (NN ID)

GC: Thank you, we hope you and all readers can cope with these special days.

Free trial
I just want to thank readers RedRobN for their generous donation of the book "Angry Street 4". After reading some user reviews from long-term supporters, I was frustrated, at least in some respects comparing the game with the earlier ones.

So, I resigned and waited until the game saw a big discount to mitigate the risk of buying dumb while playing the game, and I probably had to wait a few months to get any reasonable discount. Not necessary now!

At the time of writing, I had no time to play the first level, so there was no clear decision. So far, the only trouble is that the pipeline can't make the sound of "VWOOOSH, THWACK!", But so far, it's a good sign that I keep grinning in the face during the short game!
] Meestah Bull

GC: If you unlock retro characters, they will also have retro sound effects.

Scrabble Goaway
I want to express my firm consent to those who absolutely hate Scrabble Go. Although it seems to be aimed at attracting young people, even my 25-year-old granddaughter does not like it very much.

Please let me know what else I can do to ensure that the classic scrabble game that many of us like can continue.
Jane Rose

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There is nothing new in the sun
I decided to be too detailed in the last letter to avoid being too long, but If I must clarify …

Destructive physics can provide us with more elements of the game, but not necessarily what I think are novel; we have seen these attempts before. It can be said that this concept can be traced back to "space invaders". What are the noteworthy implementations? I thought of the "red faction", and "Suppression 3" was the latest high-profile attempt.

We have not yet seen this concept to its full potential. I believe that as long as the calculation can be processed locally, we will see; or or we go to the streaming route. Both depend on the computing power of the hardware, but streaming also requires a good Internet infrastructure. I think Microsoft originally planned to deal with destructive physics in the cloud in Crackdown 3. It's just not commercially feasible. I anticipate that destructive physics will be used more as graphic effects, but not for gaming purposes that we have never seen before.

I think "gaminess" may be ambiguous. The real-time cut scene shows that the building collapsed after detonating the explosive, which I think is a graphic effect. Since I chose to explode explosives in the sandbox game and caused the building to collapse, I think this is the gameplay. The former changes what we see; the latter can change our work.

Please also consider ray tracing. Ray tracing can of course increase game effects, not just get better visual effects. Imagine taking out a mirror and trying to look around the corners of stealth missions / games? As far as I know, reflection is not rendered in this way in the game, but I may be wrong. But if so, how much is used for gaming purposes? I don't know anything, but if I did something wrong, please correct me. Imagine seeing an enemy sneaking behind you on a piece of glass or other reflective surface? Imagine the potential of horror games! But in general, this will require some very creative people to use existing technology.

Let us see what gameplay can be achieved using Unreal Engine 5, and return to this field a few years later. But to solve your problem directly [about imagining how super realistic destruction effects could help create new gameplay] No, I will not. Because I think this is an improvement and improvement of what we already own and see, but it is not new or … a change in the game.
Obama (Obakasama)

GC: We are not sure why you want to simplify this.

Inbox also ran
No matter whether Unreal Engine 5 is real or irrelevant, the game will not be like
RW McBroom

All about PlayStation 5 The discussion of the amazing graphics surprised me.
Cheap alert, amnesia: The collection on PlayStation 4 is currently only £ 3.29.

I just saw this on the Argos website. Did they inadvertently announce the release of "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2" this year? If so, and if it is released in time before Christmas, it will become Nintendo's main game during Christmas.

GC: We doubt whether Argos is particularly close to Nintendo ’s confidant, but who knows. Literally, we are not even sure what year Nintendo is now.

Did Argos reveal the secret? (Photo: Superiordom)

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If the game is better than you expected, how to manage the game? Have you intentionally avoided too much information about this, or have you got the wrong idea from marketing and reviews? Or are some of the details deliberately kept secret?

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