Galioc: DJ coach Smith says the senator who owns COVID-19 has fully recovered

The Ottawa Senator attacked by the new coronavirus has fully recovered.

This is the coach D.J. Smith (Smith) after a video call with the Ottawa media on Wednesday afternoon, pointed out that the club's experience may actually have a silver lining.

If the senator needs to wake up, they will definitely work with COVID after five unnamed players, Ottawa Club staff and TSN 1200 color analyst Gord Wilson return from California road trip on March 12 -19 engagement.

"It ’s important to see this with your own eyes." No effort is spared. As you can see, it does n’t matter to everyone in the world … it does n’t matter-actors, actresses, rich or poor people-you must make sure you stay safe, Smith, this is the first speech since the NHL suspended the game after the National Football League (NHL) lost to the Los Angeles Kings 3-2 at Staples Center on March 11.

"I'm true It ’s great that everyone in our organization and on the plane is doing well now, but this is definitely a terrifying moment. Yes, it hit us, but at the same time it may have saved many of us, because unless you see it so quickly, we might jump a little bit about it.

Smith hopes that the worst case is

"The good news is that everyone with this disease has no terrible symptoms (for example) the symptoms we see on TV and some people who are really struggling, "Smith said." Some people don't feel well, but as athletes, they have all gone through this process and are now at the other end.

The Senator flew to California on March 6 to prepare for the San Jose game. The next night the sharks. The Santa Clara health authority issued a warning that the game should be held without fans in the stands It went on, but the Sharks continued to play.

"In San Jose, that ’s weird. We boarded Santana Street, and not many people actually went out," Smith said. "People usually like to try walking and eating dinner-that No one knows what we know now. Guys know, but I think for us, at any rate, this level cannot be reached.

"But the fear hasn't started. I mean, San Jose is a little lightened, but when we were in Anaheim, everything was normal, everyone in Anaheim and Los Angeles was normal. At the end of the trip, you will see a weirdo wearing a mask in Los Angeles, but the world we know today is still far away.

Smith said that in the past month, he had a virus A lot of understanding.

"It seems that more and more people are trying their best to slow down this situation and make this progress. Figured it out, "Smith said." My point of view has changed. When you asked this question, I realized today how serious it is, how it spreads, how it attacks towns, and the way people, especially the elderly.

"There are seven nursing homes (in Windsor) which contain COVID-19. Now this is a big deal, if your mother, father, grandfather or grandmother are now in these buildings, you will realize that it has How terrible. "

It turned out that the senator participated in the final NHL game-in fact the final professional sports game-before the league was suspended after losing to the King. Smith realized that the team might shorten the trip and returned to Ottawa the next day.

"What is certain is that compared to the world 20 years ago, people have phones, social media and all these functions, the world is different." Smith said. "People know that an NBA player tested positive that afternoon, but we are ahead of us in the Western Conference. There are still some doubts about whether someone wants to play. They are not sure. That night, we listened to President Donald Trump on TV. Speech.

"Compared to any other competition I have participated in, the atmosphere here is definitely different, we are just waiting for the guidance of the league. Because we are in the west (coastal), but we are behind, this may be the only reason why we have to understand what happened in the NBA.

Smith and his wife Christie Bezaire returned to Tecumseh, Ontario, just outside Windsor. , His son Colton and their three-year-old Brock. They returned there after 15 days of self-isolation in Ottawa. Smith built a Crossfit gym in his garage, where they had already started preparing for Colton, preparing for his first OHL training camp with the OHL ’s Knights of London in August.

In the draft last weekend, he was accepted by the 25th Cavaliers. Smith respects Mark and Dale Hunt. Such a pause at Smith is not easy, because the people who have been around him know that he is an energetic person and do not like to sit still. By 6 a.m., he spent the most time with Brock, "put on some cartoons" after feeding him, and went to repair the equipment he took home.

Yes, the Smith family became a routine, but like many others

"We eat breakfast, drink coffee, chat with some people, and then do about 90 minutes of Crossfit exercise in the driveway or garage," Smith Say. "I usually take a three-year-old child to drive nearby, just let him open the window, call, call Pierre, see how the hockey world is, and then have dinner.

" We have been changing back and forth on Netflix And then do it again the next day. "

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