From what I saw in the security at home

This is the surreal era of Coronavirus-Covid-19. We must defend at home to overcome this curse.

I initially refused to add my anger to many ants who could read the Coronaviris-Covid-19 crisis online. The failure of the stimulus package, which stayed in the Senate for several days without signing at President Trump's desk-was a success for me.

Saved $ 2.5 trillion and saved the US Federal Financial Disaster Stimulation Program. The total value of $ 2.5 trillion is $ 2,500,000,000,000.

This weird green transaction blackmailer only sees one opportunity that can enable suffering Americans to support their pork bucket wishlist.

When you read this article, you will be involuntarily filled with anger. When President Donald Trump tried to financially intervene and revitalize the dying US economy, Democrats demanded it be given to Green New Dealers. Democrats want to change the electoral system, hoping to use election fraud to make elections 100% hackable and offset the airline's carbon footprint. None of this has anything to do with the Coronavirus-Covid-19 pandemic and the hysteria it caused.

One must ask Democrats: Really-to give a green light in times of world suffering? [3]

Illustration of a new coronavirus, COVID-19. (Photo: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Coronavirus has a chance to kill you in 100 cases, as does poverty and hunger.

Democrats are irresponsible and unsuitable to represent the people of this country.

] Their actions are offensive.

Their bad intention was to use fear, fear, terrible suffering, and the impending destruction of the American economy. They just want to stick to the people everything they normally can't pass in Congress. This is shocking and worse.

"All fired", should be our motto.

None of the new rules that Democrats are trying to add to the bill include passing Congress. They know it. Therefore, in the context of the medical crisis, these opportunists are willing to suffer all Americans.

This is a blatant seizure of power.

When the government invests so much money at once, some people benefit from it even if they shouldn't. But most importantly, President Trump can call on all politicians to get together instead of signing this shameful partisan bill.

Apparently, Democrats are prepared to ruin the life of this country and every American, and if they can't get it, their left agenda has been included in the bill. Democrats are prepared to let the people, the country into chaotic destruction or even kill people, unless they pass their own pork bucket agenda.

What we see is the true face of the non-US Democratic Party. .

Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Donald Trump all have one thing in common. They were past and present wartime presidents, and they fought to save the American Republic— Past—now—to fight. . Ever since the day he was sworn in and entered the White House, President Trump has been at war with Democratic media, Democrats, Eastern and college elites, Hollywood, and the world that has been using American advantage for decades. President Trump has been reviving America's dignity and common sense war.

It is fair to say that the mentioned negative group did not find a good thing during Trump's presidency. They worked hard to make the worst of what he said and did, to achieve the sole goal of cancelling the 2016 election. Their war against Trump is also a war against traditional American values ​​and the United States itself.

I used to have an idea when Congress was so outdated, but today is not in such a difficult time: 5 million Americans arrive in Washington DC and close the city. Fire every politician, but fire good Americans. We the people saw them packing up, and the tail between their feet left the city. Then we, the people, literally sanitized the city. According to today's regulations, because they did not properly represent us, the people, we disinfected the city with the presence of political poison. We must disinfect their cities. It is now necessary to disinfect not only the city's political venom, but also the city of Coronaviris-Covid-19.

Everyone who cares about our country, worried about the way we are forced to move forward, must internalize it all. Democrats are using our lives to politics!

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