Former Hebers and Les Rovers midfielder Kevin Nichol insists that Scotland may be the farthest conflict in Norwegian eyes

KEVIN NICOL insisted that as clubs with insufficient funds fight for survival, the UEFA Champions League playoffs with Scotland is the last thing in the minds of Norwegians. Flight equipment Mjøndalen has witnessed a series of brutal measures to cut costs, and even powerhouses like Rosenborg have been forced to lay off staff.

Norwegian Players' Union [NISO] announced on Friday that teams will be allowed to offer employees unpaid treatment

Nicol witnessed the challenging moments of Norwegian football (Pic: [19659004] This desperate move highlights the unstable state of the country's games. In the context of the coronavirus crisis, all training courses in the country have been cancelled, stadiums closed, TV revenue is uncertain, and there is no source of revenue for the foreseeable future.

Elite erien was originally scheduled to begin this month, but Nicol admits he doesn't know when the next anger will come.

He said: "This is indeed a challenging and turbulent time. Most clubs here are layoffs and layoffs because they cannot afford to pay.

" This is in every All clubs are happening. In Rosenberg, they have fired -40 to 50 employees across the executive branch. They haven't reached an agreement with the players yet, but about half of the top teams tell their players they won't get paid.

"Sponsors may not pay, nor will fans pass through the payment gate, and other revenue streams will pass through the floor.

" In Norway, we are very lucky because we have a very good social welfare system . If you do get fired, the government will pay a large part of your salary, so it is easier to do here than in Scotland. In Scotland, for example, players may not get the same support.

Norway ’s European Championship was originally scheduled for a playoff against Serbia on March 26, but was postponed to June due to booking a seat in 2021.

Martin Odgard ( Martin Odegaard) may compete with Scotland in the final 2021 European playoffs (Image: Louis Fernandez)

The winner of the tie will continue to face Scotland or Israel in Oslo, and until the corona virus crisis erupts, The conflict between his country of birth and his adopter covets the prospects of Kirkcaldy-lad Nicol.

Now, this is an afterthought.

Nicol, who has been in Norway since 2007, continues: "Yes The national team's view is so optimistic, with Erling Braut Harlan, Martin Odgard and Sandberg. This is a very talented young generation and the excitement is growing.

"But those games have been postponed and, if any, the focus has shifted to get the country's league football back on track.

" In addition,

"Norway is hit hard and football is not yet So important. "

Asking UEFA if it intends to see Nicol added that, based on the current situation, Norway's Serbia hosted by June is unrealistic," maybe.

Nicole is in his place in Oslo Speaking at the home of the suburban port city Draman, he is currently in the quarantine area .

He is back

Former Asker FK manager Nicol added: "On On the weekend, he fled from a training camp in Turkey and, under strict government regulations, he was not allowed to contact anyone and his family for two weeks after he returned to Norway.

I happened to be back a week ago, so I still have 7 days of quarantine-I'm going out of school with two children, 6 and 10 years old. All other activities have been cancelled. So this is a trivial challenge.

"I hope the divorce rate will shine on the roof of Norway!

Nicole is currently segregated from his home in Drummen (Photo: Knut Arne Gjertsen)

" But we have been at home Very well.

"" You can walk and jog, but they strictly prohibit you from being in any group.

"I'm lucky because I'm getting a master's degree in online performance coaching at Stirling University. This keeps me busy and we still have Skype chats with the coaches and some players I work with. [19659002] "Technology has become so important that it enables us-as much as possible-to continue our work.

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