Everything you need to know about "Obama's Gate", but it's too clever

Tabatha Southey: There is no Obama door. Obama Gate is not here, they will soon add Obama Gate to the list of ingredients in Aero Bar. Nature hates Obama Gate.

Congratulations, if you do not have specific facts about “Obama Gate” on hand, then you have obviously done your homework. No Obama Gate knows. Should I be blank when I mention Obama's Gate? it is good. You have just scored 100% in the "Test Obama Knowledge" exam.

The Obama Gate does not exist. It is not there. It was never there, and for most of 2016 was Rick Roll of the then US presidential candidate Donald Trump (Rick Rolled), although not all but many ( Although not all) the media seems to be cautious about the current president ’s latest strategy. Obama's fantasy.

Obama is the mythical grandson of other false scandals made by Trump over the years. This is the birth of Announcement President Barack Obama tapped Trump ’s phone during the campaign, and this is “her email” and Hunter Biden ) Product, but never produced. It is a great-grandson of Birtherism, a ridiculous novel that believes that Obama was not born in the United States, so he is not eligible to be president.

Last week, The Washington Post asked Trump and replied that President Obama has tweeted many crimes about suspected crimes, and Trump replied: "This has continued It ’s been a long time … you know what the crime is.

In short, Obama ’s Gate is a very hot Canadian girlfriend, she exists completely, but she ca n’t meet her because she is shy, and because she is a vampire And did not appear in the Zoom call

Later, Trump announced that the Obama administration is "the biggest political scandal in American history", which is strange because even at that time Obama was wearing a tan Clothes actually happened. What is the Obama Gate.

The Obama Gate is so nothing, if it occupies what part of the universe, you? The quiz is to secretly collect Facebook information of all its friends To better target racist political advertisements for micro-targets, and Obama Gate will be told that this is "infinite in outer space." It will tell their imaginary friend, these tests are "very accurate, this is very strange! "

Trump often tries to make things out of a non-thing, purely to attract attention. Donald believes that if you get enough attention in the United States, they will make you president. This is It ’s forgivable. Sometimes, all he has to do is grumpy, because Fox News is not enough to please him, or because Barack Obama is elected president and Trump still has n’t solved the problem.

Other times , He also seems to have tried things things that try to distract people from the real thing or another real thing. No matter what method is adopted, as long as Trump is completely uninterested in learning what makes him engage in anything New things are full of loopholes, and people who are allied with him will start to run around and try to fill the gaps. Usually, journalists and commentators will sniff at this report, because it ’s just because the report "the president said a lot of actual "It doesn't make any sense today" may be understood as biased.

When the chapter of American History was written, It will be read as the emperor's new clothing version. The emperor just roamed the court, and the town shouted: "I am completely naked! I am naked! Look at me, this is Starks! See where is the royal penis! "And everyone around him still praised him on his clothes.

Ace supporters, whether they are on staff or not, are very happy to take what they can get Pour into this huge sucking nothingness Obama door. Now, when Trump tries to turn something into reality, they will do it reflexively. They grab something, run it on the flagpole, and then on the flagpole Run down and pay tribute to it. If this sight fails to inspire enough breathing opportunities, it is reported that "for example, many people think that the coronavirus is designed to create demand for second-hand Sony Walkmans, but some experts disagree ", Then they will proceed with the next incredible allegation, hoping that it will get the most overused and degraded suffix –gate.

I eagerly hope that one day, one will happen at Scandal Hotel A scandal that shocked the world, we can completely eliminate this door.

Trump devotees are using President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) secret The theory that directed the FBI against retired generals and so-called abduction fan Michael Flynn was flooded with blank areas marked by the president as "Obama" (According to reports, Obama warned the person not to hire Trump)

In support of this, Trump ’s supporters presented an e-mail message that facilitated decryption, in which the then national security adviser Susan Rice described President Obama ’s desire to ensure any investigation of Flynn ’ All are carried out by intelligence and law enforcement agencies "from the book."

In order to charity Trump and the company, if this meeting is held, this is indeed very suspicious

This may even constitute the "Obama Gate", or at least may make the Obama Gate blink in Obama ’s eyes. Passing away, but the meeting is held on a regular Friday.

There is no Obama Gate. The Obama Gate is not, they will soon add the Obama Gate to the list of ingredients in the Aero Bar. Nature hates the Obama Gate.

Obama Gate is absent. In this space, one can understand the severity of the situation in the United States (partly because the United States is facing a devastating public health crisis while being ruled by a person who believes that windmills can cause cancer) as well as some plans and Leadership hints that it should be.

Obama ’s composition is so deep that I ca n’t even type the word “Obama” without inadvertently raising my hand in the air. One of my children has just given me a drink now Tea, almost blind eyes.

Obama (Obamagate) is another way of saying, "Hey, look over there! Also to me! "In Trump. In fact, maybe Trump is the most sober and understandable person. After all, this is a man who said this week:" This morning, I carried out a very positive in another sense Test. Yes, I tested negatively, yes. and so. I tested perfect this morning. It means that I tested negative.

Trump ’s attempt to talk about the real result of the killing of humans led the President of the United States to perform a solo version of “People First” on the theme of a pandemic?

Understandably, his advisers and supporters I like him to say nothing but forgive me.

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